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PewDiePie Wants Will Smith To Host Meme Review

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The reveal of Aladdin’s new Genie has been no less than a global catastrophe. Reddit and Tumblr are swelling with Will Smith memes, and YouTubers have found a lingering subject to cash on. Although Disney insists that fans are going to be in awe of Will Smith once they witness him on the big screen, it is a fact the memes are going nowhere anytime soon. In his most recent video, YouTube sensation PewDiePie has weighed in on the Internet’s most sensational Will Smith memes. In his video PewDiePie  has encouraged his subscribers to give the Aladdin live action some love. But this wasn’t just it. Just when we thought the video was over, Elon Musk appeared to host a meme review!

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

If a collaboration with Ben Shapiro wasn’t enough, PewDiePie now wants Will Smith to host a meme review. Right now, PewDiePie is desperate for subscribers. He and his fans are ready to do whatever it takes to give him an edge over T-Series in the PewDiePie Vs. T-Series subscriber battle. Now it does not matter if it’s an emergency Fortnite stream, or hacking printers that give them the attention they need. And even when those jigs fail, there is, of course, roasting popular movie trailers and getting the CEO of Tesla to host meme reviews that you can do to get some popularity.

PewDiePie Cracks Jokes On Will Smith And Aladdin

PewDiePie opened up his most recent video addressing the Opportunity Mars Rover memes. He agreed with fans’ demands of naming Mars’ first city ‘Opportunity.’ When eventually he got over joking about the late space-machine, he jumped quickly to pick on Aladdin’s Genie, Will Smith. Although he did ‘rofl’ at the memes, he – at the same time- also asked his subscribers to care about Will Smith’s feelings. In the video, he also requested Smith to host a meme review with him.

Elon Musk Hosts A Meme Review On PewDiePie’s New Video

The biggest surprise; however, wasn’t out until the very end. In an absurd internet crossover,  PewDiePie got his video Thursday titled to feature the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk. Musk also brought a guest along Rick and Morty mastermind Justin Roiland. The two are featured in the back half of the video, from 13:30 onward, discussing the hilariousness of various memes including one about the Queen and debating whether or not you would step on Stuart Little for a grand sum of money.

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