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Sophia Bush’s Thoughts on Jussie Smollet Is What We Need

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Sophia Bush, the social justice warrior is here to once again remind us of what’s really needed. Recently, the Jussie Smollet case has been caught up in the news. Smollet was recently hospitalized due to an alleged hate crime committed against him. It was motivated by the color of his skin as well as his sexual orientation.

However, it has now been revealed by the Chicago Police that Jussie Smollet staged his own attack because he wasn’t satisfied with the pay he is getting from his TV show Empire. The actor was charged with filing a false police report. Needless to say, it has divided the whole nation even more. Many people belonging to the LGBTQ community and the African-American community of America feel betrayed and heartbroken.

People have resorted to hating Jussie Smollet for what he did. The conservative thinkers have especially used this as ammunition to further defend Trump and oppress the already oppressed communities.

Sophia Bush Reminds us Hate Crimes Are Still Rampant

Sophia Bush has reminded people that hate crimes are still pretty rampant in America and have risen since Trump came into power. Hoaxes such as that of Smollet are pretty rare. Looking at the bigger picture, we should not lose sight of what’s important. She put this post on her Instagram stories.

Jussie Smollet Sophia Bush Donald Trump Hate Crime Hoax

Hence, we should always be kind to the victims of hate crimes and choose that over turning on each other immediately. Sophia Bush stated that she was heartbroken over the turn of events and doesn’t know what to believe in anymore but adamantly believes that the new administration is the cause of the increase in hate crimes. It’s not confirmed whether there’s a direct root cause of the increase in hate crimes but the numbers have gone up since the administration. The FBI estimated that there was about a 17% increase in hate crime since Trump came into power.

Sophia Bush Hate Crime Victims

Believe the Victims Even if a Minority Are Hoaxes

Furthermore, Sophia Bush highlighted the fact that victims of hate crimes are often not believed. The actress wanted to know why people who consider themselves allies of the oppressed groups not stand up against the injustice. Why is the first instinct to doubt the victim?

Sophia Bush has reminded everyone of what’s important. Smollett’s case may have been just a hoax, but there are still countless more hate crimes in the country that rarely get as much attention as this. Those cases are often discarded in the social justice system.

Jussie Smollet had a good platform.  He could have utilized it to create a positive impact on the communities he belongs to the LGBTQ and African-American. Instead, he chose to focus on his fame and career, making people even more doubtful of hate crime victims.

Our first instinct should never be to doubt the victim because the mathematically speaking, it’s rarely the case. Unfortunately, the one case out of a small probability ended up on the mainstream media.

Maybe We Can Be Better

Hopefully, people will choose to be kinder to hate crime victims and work towards a more pragmatic solution to end hate crimes once and for all. People like Sophia Bush are what we need to get clarity on situations like these.

Perhaps, we can strive to be better in solving hate crimes in the future.

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