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Barack Obama: “You Don’t Need Eight Women Twerking Around You”

Former US President Barack Obama gave some insightful and amusing advice to young men at an event for his foundation.

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In today’s digitally-driven generation, social media pressure is at an all-time high. Having a social media presence is considered crucial not only for your social life but brand image as well. It’s no surprise that the pressure to “look good” takes a toll on the young adults of our generation. We struggle to fit in and to measure up to the fake social standards our society sets for us. Former US President Barack Obama had some wise words to say about the subject in his speech on Thursday, in California.

At the speech he gave at an event for his foundation, his words of advice were heart-warming to hear. He was joined by NBA player Steph Curry and singer John Legend to mark the fifth anniversary of ‘My Brother’s Keeper’, an initiative to support males from minority backgrounds. He talked to young men about ways to improve their self-confidence and motivation in life.

Why You Don’t Need Eight Women Twerking Around You

When asked about masculinity and the pressure on men to “act a certain way”, Mr. Obama criticized the image of social success portrayed by some hip hop and rap artists. As he put it:

“You don’t have to have eight women around you twerking.”

Well, he couldn’t have said it better! These days, a lot of music videos feature exactly that; countless women twerking around one macho male singing some bullshit lyrics. Young men watching things like that may get the impression that that’s what the “good life” looks like. But as Mr. Obama said, he’s been with one woman his whole life and couldn’t have been happier. We already know how bad-ass Michelle Obama is. Point is, the image of success and glory and fame rubbed in our faces these days is totally superficial and empty. You don’t need “women twerking around you” to feel cool or sexy.

Mr. Obama’s Advice On Fitting In

That aside, Mr. Obama just keeps getting more relatable by the day. As he mentioned his high school experience, he talked about how he used to be “screwed up”. His purpose was to basically inspire the younger people listening to him. He tried to remind them about the kind of potential they have and how far they could go if they wanted to. Like he said, most of us are way ahead of our time; he barely had the sense of direction and determination a lot of us already do. But seeing how he ended up becoming one of the best presidents America ever had, on top of being the first black president, his words sure evoke the biggest sense of hope!

Furthermore, he mentioned how he also felt like he didn’t fit in back in the day. But the support of his family kept him going! He advised the audience to have a strong support system, someone you can depend on…because it’s what will take you a long way. Even when things don’t work out, we should be able to count on some chosen people. After all, we make each other stronger. Having a strong support system, even if it’s just family, is essential to mental well-being and future success!

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is truly an ideal role model for young men, and somebody we should all look up to. Watch his whole speech below:

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