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Vanya Deserves to be Saved in The Umbrella Academy Season 2

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The Umbrella Academy has finally given us a rare show that focus on the psychological aspects of superheroes. Beautifully tying in the themes of trying to save the world from the apocalypse, it’s rare in its storytelling. It consists of a great cast playing 7 unique characters that each have something to contribute to the story. They all grew up in the same house, yet in their adult age the only thing that seems to connect them is their adoptive father’s funeral with whom they didn’t have a perfect relationship with. As the story unfolds, we see how their past defines their whole lives. Plus, two time travelling assassins from a secret organization called The Commission is after them. It’s definitely worth a watch!

Everyone is wondering what will happen in season 2 since it ended on a major cliffhanger. So buckle up for spoilers ahead as we explore what The Umbrella Academy Season 2 has in store for us.

The Umbrella Academy Season 1 Finale Recap: Vanya Causing the Apocalypse

As we witness in the whole show, there’s a major plot twist that comes around mid-season of The Umbrella Academy. Vanya, or as her billionaire eccentric adoptive father used to call her, 7 suddenly finds out that she has powers of her own. Though she doesn’t find this out in the best of circumstances. She’s manipulated by her boyfriend who only got into a relationship with her for the sole purpose of her unleashing her hidden powers.

Harold Jenkins (John Magaro) ends up dead by her powers. And Vanya’s only sister Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) has her throat slashed when she tries to help Vanya.

Diego (David Castañeda), Luther (Tom Hopper) , Klaus (Robert Sheehan), ghost Ben (Justin H. Min)  and Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) come to the rescue. They save Allison but not her vocal chords and hence she loses her power. Luther gets more and more skeptical of Vanya and locks her up in a cage despite all his other siblings suggesting otherwise. That infuriates Vanya even more. She then proceeds to destroy the cage and their mansion, killing the beloved Pogo and Grace while she’s at it.

With just one goal in mind, Ellen Page’s character goes to perform her concert. The finale culminates to a point where Vanya’s powers are out of control. Her playing the violin in a tornado of emotions forces a literal beam out of her that shoots the moon. That’s when Number 5 realizes that Vanya is the reason for the apocalypse. Desperate and confused, he uses his time travelling powers to reverse this timeline yet again. Though, this time he takes he sisters and brothers with him.

Number 5 says that they need to go back and fix Vanya.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Focusing on a Different Timeline?

It’s clear that the only way to stop the apocalypse is to reverse the timeline yet again. Number 5 had to reverse it once when he got himself a job at The Commission. The Handler, played by fan favorite Kate Walsh, is still on the hunt for them. The Commission has to maintain the stability of all timelines in the universe.In their eyes, the apocalypse is meant to happen and they will do everything to make sure nothing stops it. So, the siblings’ mission to stop the world from ending will not be an easy one. They had to fight off two time-traveling assassins, played by Cameron Britton and Mary J. Blige, who have complex story-lines of their own too.

Time travel has always been tricky to portray on the fictional worlds we see on the screen. It’s because we have no real version in the world to compare it with. So anything goes really. Number 5 acts quick. He saves his family and goes back in time to save the whole world.

It implies that they go into a different alternative timeline, one in which the apocalypse is yet to happen. Hopefully, it’s meant to be a timeline where the apocalypse never happens if the superhero siblings manage to stop it just in time.

Psychological Trauma of Each Member of The Umbrella Academy

All of the siblings are messed up in their own ways because their father wasn’t kind to any of them. He subjected them to mental and physical torture with the hopes of honing their superpowers. That led to severe psychological pain to each of them and them being unable to function as a superhero team that their father wanted them to be.

Ben lost his life before them all due to unknown reasons, and Number 5 had to spent his whole life alone in a post-apocalyptic world alone after his time travelling powers failed him.

Luther got stuck on the ideology that he’s still meant to save the world even when his father sent him to the moon for 4 years for absolutely nothing. He stuck by The Umbrella Academy even when everyone else left. Klaus became addicted to drugs because he was forced to listen to ghosts at an age when he wasn’t ready. Diego wants to save the world with his vigilante justice but by his own rules which don’t always work out. Allison ends up trying to escape her childhood trauma by creating a life of stardom and lies which affects her personal relationships with her new family.

However, all of these 6 siblings were told that they were extraordinary beings destined for greatness. Their fame and success soon crumbled when the siblings grew up and went their separate ways with no ties to each other.

Vanya Was Still Excluded

Even if all of their lives are haunted by their messed up past, Vanya’s was the worst. She faced social exclusion from her own adoptive family where she was constantly told that she is not special and hence does not belong. After she wrote a book exposing their family secrets, it further strained her relationship with them all.

But, when their father dies she shows up with no hate in her heart. It’s obvious that she’s still craving a bond with the only family she has. But they aren’t as welcoming as she had hoped. One notable exception is Allison who keeps trying to help her without much success.

And there’s also Number 5. He trusts her the most out of the siblings which is why Vanya was the first one to know about the post-apocalyptic world Number 5 was stuck in. Yet Allison’s attempts on finally being a sister are too late, and Number 5 is too focused on saving the world to realize he needs to save his sister first.

So, it’s clear that Vanya has suffered the most out of all the siblings and she’s the focal point of the entire series as she causes the apocalypse. Maybe the show is going for a deeper meaning when they teach the audience that saving your own family has to come first before saving the world.

How Will They Fix Vanya in The Umbrella Academy Season 2?

When Vanya was locked up in the cage by Luther, it triggered painful memories she had as a child. The pain led to her losing control of her emotions and to her causing the apocalypse. So, fixing their sister to stop the apocalypse might mean that they change her childhood.

Maybe, they tell their eccentric father to stop being such a jerk to her. And they could include her in all of their childhood adventures where they go save people like the Avengers. Allison could stop making Vanya forget that she has powers and that she’s in fact special just like them.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 has not been officially confirmed yet so there’s no season 2 release date. But we will keep you updated as soon as we find out!

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