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Frankie Grande Shares His Sobriety Journey

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T he popular singer Ariana Grande has a half brother that she is really proud of. Apparently, Frankie Grande is now 20 months sober, and sharing his sobriety journey with the world. Although it hasn’t been easy for him, but he still kept himself going. And now that he is sharing it with the world, everybody could not be more proud of him. And Ariana Grande has publicly appreciated her brother on his determination and will power. From what we have seen through Demi Lovato’s sobriety journey, we already know its a difficult phase. But isn’t it great that all these people we almost lost are coming back to life?

Frankie Grande Opens Up About Being 20 Months Sober…

Frankie Grande elaborated on the difficult journey on getting sober. Despite the soul crushing pain, Frankie tells his fans that there’s still a beauty around sobriety. It helps you to finally feel things again. Whether it be good or bad, you feel everything. That’s not something possible when the human brain is addicted to drugs which numbs out all feelings.

Now when Frankie Grande sees himself in the mirror, he is a completely different man than what he was 20 months  back. Now, he is a person who can see things the way they are meant to be. And a person who is no longer stuck in the past or obsessing over future. Instead, he is grateful for what his life is.

He’s ready to take on the many challenges of life!

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today i have 20 months sober. i am extremely proud. this hasn’t been easy. when you get sober… life still happens. you have to deal with all the same highs and lows as you did when you were using but now you don’t have the ability to numb yourself. you feel it. you feel everything. good and bad. but there is also beauty in that. over the past 20 months i have felt loss but i have also felt love. i felt joy but i also felt grief. but the bottom line is… i felt. and that is such a gift. today, when i look in the mirror i see a completely different man than i did 20 months ago. i see a man who knows that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. a man liberated from the prison of being stuck in the past or obsessing over the future. a man grateful for his life… exactly as it is. a man excited for the next chapter… and ready to face it… no matter what…. sober.

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Ariana Grande Congratulates Frankie Grande on Sobriety

Ariana Grande took to Twitter to express her love and pride at her brother’s sobriety journey. She wished him a happy 20 months of being sober. She claimed that she drafted and deleted her message because it made her cry and she didn’t know what to say. But she referred to Frankie as a superhero claiming that she was proud of him. She said she knew it was not easy. And congratulated him and also thanked God for it.

After the death of Ariana Grande’s boyfriend Mac Miller from drug overdose, Frankie opened up about the fact that Miller was the person who actually helped him go into rehab. And he forced him to get detoxed safely from all the drugs which he could not live without.

Frankie Grande is himself an American singer, dancer, actor and YouTube personality. His prominent works include Big Brother, Haters Back Off, and Good Morning America. 

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