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Lili Reinhart Opted for Therapy Without Feeling Ashamed

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T he very popular Riverdale actress is opening up about seeking help on anxiety and depression. Not only did she admit going into therapy herself, but talked about the benefits of it publicly. And even encouraged her followers to seek help if they feel like they need it. Reinhart has given out a powerful and strong message for anybody suffering from mental health issues. And in times like these, when we are losing more people to suicide or overdose than ever, it’s essential that we all give Lili’s message a deeper thought!

Lili Reinhart Encourages Followers to Seek Help if Needed

Lili Reinhart took to her Instagram stories to talk about the importance of mental health. She began saying that it was a friendly reminder for whoever needed to hear this. And continued that therapy was never something to be ashamed of. Everybody can benefit from seeing a therapist. And that includes everybody no matter how old one is or how proud they are trying to come off. She added that we were all humans so we all went through things. But that does not mean that anybody should suffer in silence. And that certainly did not mean that one should be embarrassed about seeking help.

Lili Reinhart then talked about her own mental health claiming that she was 22, but she had anxiety and depression. And today, she started going into therapy again. For her, this meant that the journey of self-love was starting. The actress then concluded her Instagram stories wishing everyone good luck on their own self-love journeys.

Lili Reinhart is an American actress who is going out with her costar Cole Sprouse. Lili is most prominent for her role as Betty Cooper on the CW Drama series Riverdale. She also has several awards to her name including the Teen Choice Award for Choice Liplock.

Lili Reinhart has shared a message that we all really needed to hear. If seeking help or therapy for mental health problems is not made okay, we will continue losing precious souls to anxiety and depression. The actress has been vocal about these issues in the past as well. And maybe that’s why she resorted to taking a break from Twitter.

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