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Leonardo DiCaprio Continues Fierce Battle Against Climate Change

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No matter how much the president tries to confuse it with weather change, climate change is pretty much a pressing issue. But what’s more pressing is that it appears that no force on Earth can turn the president towards the issue. I mean the polar vortex couldn’t, so it’s rather futile to have any expectations at all. Thankfully enough, Hollywood has not turned a deaf ear to impending calamity. Practically every celebrity is contributing to the cause, and some are really going an extra mile. Academy winner Leonardo DiCaprio, in particular, is very vigilant about the problem. The actor and his charitable foundation often make headlines for their environmental activism. This time, DiCaprio has resorted to the utilization of his Instagram handle to create awareness about yet another devastating consequence of global warming.

Leonardo DiCaprio Draws Attention Towards Melting Glaciers

Recently a NASA-led study discovered that a cavity underneath the massive Thwaites glacier in Antarctica. The study suggests that the cavity 300 meters tall and two-thirds the size of Manhattan. Furthermore, it also stated the space is big enough to have contained 14bn tonnes of ice and most of that ice has melted during the past three years.

Leonardo DiCaprio quickly took notice of the findings that CNN and The Guardian were reporting. Subsequently, he fulfilled his civil duty by sharing information about the issue with his 29 million followers.

Leonardo DiCaprio Protests Against Shark Fin Trade

In 1998, Leonardo DiCaprio established his foundation with the mission of protecting the world’s last wild places. And since then he has taken various measures through his platform to help protect the wildlife. In his latest Instagram post, DiCaprio called out the Congress for its lack of policing over shark fin sale and exchange. He described the ‘demand’ for shark fins to be the root of the malicious hunting practice, and he also urged people to play their parts in the preservation of endangered species.

Leonardo Continues His War Against Environmental Degradation

DiCaprio has taken several pioneering steps to seek solutions to the problems associated with climate change, pollution, and ecological disruption.

On September 23, 2014 Leonardo DiCaprio had addressed one of the largest gatherings of government, business and civil society leaders in history. This was at the United Nations Climate Summit. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appointed Leonardo to serve as a United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate. He;  in fact, called the actor a “new voice for climate advocacy.”

Last December, DiCaprio and his foundation raised $100m in donation for the cause.

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