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Hilaria Baldwin Explains why She Won’t Post her Nanny’s picture

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It looks like Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin have set their priorities right. And family and its privacy are definitely somewhere around the top of the list. But that does not only include the couple and their children but also, their nannies which are very important to them. Recently, when Hilaria Baldwin came across a fan’s request to post pictures of her children’s nannies, she instantly responded. And explained in a much detailed manner why she would never do so. Although it might not seem that big of an issue to everyone, Hilaria really thought the matter through.

Hilaria Baldwin Opens Up About Respecting Her Nanny’s Privacy…

It’s obvious that Hilaria Baldwin might have a few nannies over at her place for the kids. But we never saw them in her photos, right? Well, that’s because the actor’s wife takes their privacy very seriously. When replying to a fan, Hilaria refused to upload their pictures because that would make them public figures. And then the paparazzi would start following them for details which they might not like. Plus, she said that it just does not feel safe that people know who their nanny are for times when she is not around.

Hilaria Baldwin also added that safety and respect for privacy was very important to them. And maybe that’s one reason she posts so many pictures of her family and children on Instagram. That really makes the paparazzi go away for many parts because now their pictures are less rewarding. When outlets can get them directly from her profile, paparazzi would stop trying to invade their privacy and harass them.

Hilaria claimed that their nannies were really a very important part of their family. And probably that’s the reason she gives this matter so much care.

Hilaria Baldwin is the famous actor Alec Baldwin’s second wife. She is also an author who has penned different books including Healthy Mind and Joyful Life and The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body. Alec Baldwin and Hilaria have 4 children together. Alec Baldwin is most prominent for his role in Saturday Night Live. He was even arrested lately on charges of assault. 

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