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Trisha Paytas Music Video with Jason Nash Glamorizing Abuse?

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Trisha Paytas was involved in some YouTube drama with her boyfriend Jason Nash and their mutual friend David Dobrik. After deleting the video where she called Dobrik horrible and Nash creepy, she resolved the issue with both of them. But Trisha and Jason had a music video coming up on Valentines Day. She ended up releasing it earlier. People seem to think it glamorizes mental and physical abuse in relationships.

Crazy and Desperate by Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash

The music video with Jason Nash pays homage to romantic comedy movies. Iconic scenes from movies like How to Lose a Man in 10 days, Wolf of Wallstreet, High School Musical, Fatal Attraction and The Notebook were recreated.

However, we see Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash constantly fighting verbally and even physically. In the scene from Fatal Attraction, Jason even has his hands on Trisha Paytas’ throat.

Abuse Glamorized?

Fans were quick to point out how this blatant abuse in the music video is trying to seem romantic. Hence, they believe that this music video romanticizes physical and mental abuse in relationships.

Some fans even made the connection to their real life relationship and the constant drama in it. Since the two are still together despite the falling out, people may think it symbolizes their real relationship where the two are always dealing with some kind of drama.

Or Maybe It’s Just a Fun Music Video

Perhaps the movie scenes that were recreated on this music video weren’t the best choice, but glamorizing abuse may not be the video’s intention. It was just a homage to popular movies while still highlighting their own personal relationship. Trisha Paytas herself talked about how it was just a fun video to make for her with her boyfriend.

The music video had a lot of resources invested on it. Andrew Vallentine directed it while The AV Crew and Brittany Kay produced it. The production designers were Paytas herself along with Jason Chadwick. The director of photography was Nick Ramsey and wardrobe designer wsa Mike Philpot. So, it’s obvious that they did not have a negative intention behind it.

Moreover, Trisha Paytas is not solely focused on music as a career. It’s just something to do along with her other videos on YouTube. So it would not be as serious as other music video projects.  Plus, after always being caught in some kind of drama, she would not want to glamorize or romanticize abuse. Why else would she open up about her relationships’ troubles and resolve it with her boyfriend?

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