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6 Craziest Lawsuits Ever

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The world is crazy full of weird people. Just when you know start gaining a little hope for humanity, someone somewhere does something, and it’s so stupid you end up wondering, “WHY ON EARTH!”. If you still doubt us, take a look at these 6 craziest ever lawsuits which will leave you pondering.

1 Panthers are dangerous

Panthers are dangerous
Source: Lowman Law Firm

I think it’s time for us to have warning boards saying ‘Caution! Panthers Ahead’ because we’re not aware of the danger like this fella here! This motorcyclist had a collision with a panther; he decided he wants to sue Florida because the animal detection systems did not warn him about a panther in the area.

2 Erections must get their due attention

Erections must get their due attention

An inmate claimed that he went to the hospital with a painful erection that had lasted four hours but the hospital staff were involved in watching some sports game while neglecting his condition for about 91 hours due to which his body suffered irreparable damages. Maybe, it was just the hot nurse.

3 Catfight got too real

Catfight got too real

When this lady stopped at the bar for a drink, she got involved in a catfight with the cat of the bar owner.  She later attempted to sue the bar because she got some ‘scratches’. I sincerely hope the cat’s okay.

4 White teeth over everything

White teeth over everything
Source: 123 dentist

The prison rules banned floss because it can become a weapon. But one prisoner wasn’t happy with that, so he decided to file a lawsuit demanding justice over this unfair treatment. Priorities change in prison apparently.

5 Burger King is raiding our pockets

Burger King is raiding our pockets
Source: Wikimedia Commons

A New York resident attempted to file a suit against Burger King as it was selling a coke can for 89 cents, but one located further down the street sold it at 69 cents. Hey, it’s not like that guy could’ve saved the money on the case and gotten the soda from the nearer shop instead, this guy has principles! Either that or he’s going through a mid-life crisis.

6 Kardashians terrorize everything

Kardashians terrorize everything
Source: US Weekly

One man attempted to get a restraining order based on his claim that Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian tried to physically torture him after making an appearance in masks and burglar vans. You can say drama and Kardashians are inseparable!

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