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James Charles Gives Fans a House Tour

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D oes Sister James Charles not have the greatest surprise for you? Well, he kinda does. The beauty YouTuber who moved into an incredibly big and beautiful house four months back is finally done decorating it. And to honor the countless requests from his fans, he decided to give a house tour on his channel. In a half hour long video, he walked everybody through his new home. And don’t we all love it? Not just us, but his entire family, friends and little brother love it too because now they can come over to spend time and relax as much as they want while feeling that they’re at home!

James Charles Lets Fans Inside His New Home for a House Tour…

In a recently uploaded video, you might notice that Charles is not filming where he usually does. Instead, he opens it standing right outside his front door all set to show his fans around his home. Apparently, he got together with YouTuber Mr. Kate to get help with decorating this house. And now that it’s all finished, he is absolutely in love with it. What his favorite part about the house is that he can open the front door and watch the backyard all the way. James Charles also referred to the house as the ‘sister sanctuary’.

Mr. Kate along with Joey helped Charles get his house done. But there was a surprise room with a piano and seating which was kind of like a formal living space which every house has. Although initially sister Charles did not know what to do with the house, trusting Kate and Joey seemed like a good decision later. The rest of it as cozy as it could get! With a chaise living room to lie down and relax on the couch along with a fireplace to keep it warm and an earring shaped contained for you to throw off your earrings is pretty much something all of us would need.

James Charles also has a beautiful baby piano which he adores and plays every single day. And as revealed, he got it from the Morphe Brushes team as a gift when they were doing the collection of the new palette. The beauty YouTuber expressed his appreciation to them, and how great he felt while designing the palette.

Moving further, Charles gave a detailed house tour entailing his kitchen, his work room, his alcohol cabinet which is empty because he is a sober sister, a fine dining room, sister studio, guest room, master bedroom and closet. Charles dug quite into the details showing off his DIY paintings and other vintage or imported furniture or accessories that he got from various brands. But needless to say, it’s one of the best houses once could set their eyes on.

Sister James Charles is an American beauty YouTuber who is extremely popular for her work. Back last year, he won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Beauty Influencer. And he also holds two other awards which he proudly boasted in his house tour. He recently collaborated with Morphe Brushes to introduce an eyeshadow palette. And as unbelievable as it sounds, the entire collection was sold out in less than 10 minutes! When Charles visited Birmingham, his popularity brought the entire city to a standstill for hours!

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