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Shane Dawson Expresses Thoughts on Episode 2 of Conspiracy Series

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T he popular YouTuber Shane Dawson just revealed his thoughts on his own conspiracy series. The much-anticipated series has already dropped the bomb on major companies like Apple. But that’s not all because we have a second part lined up. Although it was scheduled to be released this week, Dawson had to push back the release date to Monday 11th February. While he has explained the reason behind it, the YouTuber has still been receiving a lot of hate and criticism on social media. With just two days to the release of episode 2, Shane has revealed his own thoughts on this series.

What Does Shane Dawson Feel About the Conspiracy Series?

Shane Dawson took to Instagram to share a few failed thumbnail ideas that he had for the second episode. Along with it, he revealed how he feels about the series after all. He claimed that making this series has been an emotional roller coaster ride. Apart from being frustrating and scary, it has all been emotionally draining for him. He clarified that the real issue was that this is not a typical conspiracy video. So, basically, they need to keep re-editing to make it seem like a conspiracy.

Apparently, this new series is a story of someone very close to Shane whose life got ruined in between fame and money. The bottom line for fans to realize is that they should not believe everything that they see. So, Shane has thrown in conspiracies which makes it very exciting. The second and final part comes out Monday, and Shane Dawson hopes that fans enjoy it. Because it has definitely been a rollercoaster for him.

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A collection of all my failed thumbnail ideas for the Part 2. Making this video has really been an emotional rollercoaster. Every part of it has been complicated, frustrating, scary, and emotionally draining. It’s not a typical conspiracy video and I think that’s part of the problem i’m having with it. We keep re-editing it to feel more like a conspiracy but the truth is it’s not. It’s a story about someone close to me who had their whole life ruined by someone for fame and money. There’s conspiracies thrown in that I’m excited about but the real point of the video is “don’t believe everything you see” especially when it comes to the people you let into your life. Video coming Monday and i’m really nervous about it for a lot of reasons. But i hope you guys feel something when you watch it and I hope you enjoy the ride :,) because it’s a hell of a rollercoaster. ??

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Shane Dawson’s conspiracy series 2nd episode got delayed because it involves massive editing, and he has had to deal with lawyers for security purposes before its out. He has apologized for it, and promised that it won’t get more delayed.

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber who was one of the first few people to get popular on the platform. And has maintained the status ever since. Apart from being an internet personality, he has written books and acted on television. His most famous works include his unbelievable series on Jeffree Star and Jake Paul. And now this conspiracy series is getting him more fame than ever!

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