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Was There a Mini Drake and Josh Reunion?

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There is some great news- looks like there has been a mini Drake and Josh reunion! Well, looks true but Drake Bell has been missing from it! And we spotted someone we were not expecting- the popular YouTuber David Dobrik. Were the stars casually hanging out together or maybe bumped into each other somewhere? Well, whatever the case was, we all probably needed to exactly see this. And if anybody’s noting down suggestions, why not get the entire cast to reunite? Or maybe even get a reboot to make this little treat even better for us!

Did Josh Peck Just Share a Snap from the mini ‘Drake and Josh’ Reunion?

Josh Peck took to Instagram to share a picture with his former costar Yvette Nicole Brown and also, David Dobrik. He captioned the picture saying that before anybody decided that they were having a bad day or not, they needed to look at this picture.

However, Peck added the throwback Thursday hashtag in the caption as well. So whether the stars had a mini reunion lately or it’s an old picture is still unknown. But whatever it is, we saw it for the first time, so it brings all fans nothing but pure joy.

Immediately, the comments section was taken over by excited fans who could not believe their eyes. While some appreciated how great it was to see Josh Peck and Yvette Nicole Brown together again, others repeated her infamous dialogue ‘That is not my job’ from the TV series. Some fans even commented that they should take David out of the picture. And some simply resorted to praising Brown for her role in Community. 

Do We Miss ‘Drake and Josh‘ on TV?

Well, the answer has to be an absolute yes! Drake and Josh was one of the best things ever on Nickelodeon. The show continued for almost for four years before it got cancelled. Well, not exactly cancelled because that would imply that the channel called it off. But it never did. The sitcom ended because both Drake and Josh felt it was time to say goodbye. And the last episode was probably the most-watched thing in the entire series.

Drake and Josh starred Josh Peck, Drake Bell, Miranda Cosgrove, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Nancy Sullivan. In the sitcom, Yvette played the role of Helen who was Josh’s boss at a cinema complex. When the TV series ended, many people requested for a reboot. And needless to say, fans were disappointed.

The Drake Bell and Josh Peck Drama

What probably surprised fans the most was that the beloved duo Drake Bell and Josh Peck fell apart. Their only interactions came in the forms of Instagram posts of pictures from the times of the show. Although the two reunited on television in 2016, their friendship really was not at their best times. When they starred on Grandfathered together, and even made a reference to Drake and Josh, fans quickly got their hopes up. But some drama evolved when Drake was not invited to Peck’s wedding in 2017. In a series of now deleted tweets, the two had a petty little feud. And later, they hugged it out.

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Hug me….

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Later when Peck announced that he was having his first child, Drake publicly congratulated his former costar.

What is the Drake and Josh Cast Doing Now?

After Drake and Josh was cancelled off television, fans hoped for years that they would reunite. And before this one, we also saw another mini reunion. David Dobrik brought together Miranda Cosgrove and Josh Peck in a very cute hangout last year in October. While the two dearly missed one another, the brother and sister from the show were not afraid to say it out loud. Josh even apologized for not inviting her to his wedding and all seemed good.

Drake Bell is an American actor, singer and musician. Apart from Drake and Josh, he appeared on famous television shows including Ultimate Spider-Man, Seinfield, and The Amanda Show, After the Nickelodeon show was dropped, he mostly involved himself in his music. And his prominent albums include Telegraph, Ready Steady Go, and It’s Only Time. 

Josh Peck is an American actor, comedian and YouTube personality. Apart from Drake and Josh his most famous works include Grandfathered, Family Guy and Red Dawn. As for Yvette Nicole Brown, apart from her role as Helen, she is famous for her role in NBC Comedy series Community. Other works include Talking Dead and The Mayor. Miranda Cosgrove is also an established actress and singer who has done prominent movies including Despicable Me and The Intruders. 

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