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7 Fun Science Panels You Should Watch

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Everybody thinks science is one dry subject that is not cool and no fun and you’re a nerd if you try to make yourself aware of it. Well, they’re wrong! They’re damn wrong!

There are so many fabulous science panels out there that everybody should watch to get their general knowledge game on and change their opinions about science.  So, grab some popcorn folks.

1 Psychedelic Science

This TED Talk features a brilliant mix of art and science as we have Fabian Oefner, who’s a Swiss Artist and Photographer, show us different forms of psychedelic images. He also shows us what happens when you mix paint and a magnetic liquid or set fire to whiskey itself. It’s better than drugs, I swear.

2 The Storytelling of Science

Featuring many top-notch scientists such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Lawrence Krauss, this panel discusses the art of storytelling and how it can be used to make science look cooler and presentable to the general public. It includes talk about the beginning of the universe and also talks about the limits that our technology might be able to break in the future.

3 Zombie roaches and other parasite tales

Sounds like some weird stories from a post-apocalyptic manga but Ed Yong is just giving us a deeper insight into the world of creepy crawling sabotaging parasites. He also names some of his favorites. So, don’t shy away from this TED Talk.  It’s certainly interesting to watch.

4 Are we ready for the coming ‘Age of Abundance’?

Dr Michio Kaku is a well-known scientist that talks about the future and fascinating topics such as the string theory. Here, he talks about the future of our economics, technology and civilization. The main aim of this talk is to determine whether or not we, as humans, are ready to enter the future.

5 The weird, wonderful world of bioluminescence

The ocean is a mysterious place filled with charms of all sorts. It’s a mesmerizing view on the surface and an even more intriguing view when we take a look at all those glowing organisms. So, take a plunge into deep waters, with this talk, and allow the shimmery secrets of the ocean capture you up.

6 Superintelligence: Science or Fiction

This one is for all those who are scared shitless of artificial intelligence and its possibilities. This talk discusses the prospects and consequences in depth and helps you understand where humanity is bound to go.

7 Is our universe the only universe?

We’ve all wondered about different realities. Well then, have you ever wondered about different universes? Brian Greene is a researcher on this topic, and in this TED Talk, he uses the aid of shiny visuals to attract us towards this field of science and enlighten us about the theory of Multiverse.

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