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Shane Dawson Delayed Second Episode of Conspiracy Series

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B y this time, the one thing that the entire world is desperately waiting for is the second episode of Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy series. The YouTuber has teased that this one is going to be much more different and exciting. But unfortunately, he has had to push the release date further. And now it’s scheduled to come out on Monday 11th February. Although fans are disappointed, Dawson has a lot going on. And well, the man needs to consider so much before letting this episode out. He has explained the reasons behind the delay, and has kind of assured that pushing it later than 11th is not even an option.

Why did Shane Dawson Have to Delay the Second Episode?

Shane Dawson took to Instagram to post a series of snaps in his story explaining his plans for the second episode of his conspiracy series. And he even explained what’s causing the delay. Apparently, he and Andrew have come up with some new stuff to add to part 2. And it’s going to be a new take on things which is very exciting. This one is also going to be of movie length so editing is not very easy. But Dawson has promised that the second episode will release on 11th February.

Moving further, Shane discussed how he felt every time he opened his Twitter which was lined up with comments about his conspiracy series. And although he wants to stop looking at all of it, he is just unable to do so. He explained that people are upset because he had to delay the episode. But well, there is nothing that he could do about it. He added that he would not just give out release days because that doesn’t work. He gives them out because he gets excited, and he always miscalculates the time he needs for editing.

But Shane Dawson has clarified that he is not pushing this video because he is lazy. Instead, he’s doing it because they’ve come up with a new spin on one of the things. Plus, he has to constantly fear for his life which is why he has to meet with lawyers and handle things before the video is out. And all of that is definitely taking up time. The video is in the editing stages, and Shane has promised it won’t get delayed this time. Since the YouTuber has to go out of city on Monday, he has no choice but to finish the editing.

What can we Expect out of Episode 2 of Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Series?

As for the upcoming episode, Dawson has shared that it will definitely be different from the one before it. From what the YouTuber himself revealed, it is going to be more of a storyline with conspiracy elements added into it.

Shane has also claimed that both episodes are based on an hour and 45 minutes. They are made by him and Andrew together, and uploaded on YouTube for free. And there’s not going to be more episodes for some months now, so he’s taking his time with the second one.

What is Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Series About?

Shane Dawson has sparked some great controversy with his new conspiracy series. The first episode covered a plethora of conspiracies, from “brain-washing” cartoons to the California wildfires, and even recent technology like AI program ‘DeepFakes’ and iPhone glitches. He has also hinted that this series will expose a fake YouTube relationship as revealed by Keemstar but the identity of the YouTuber in question is still unknown. But unintentionally, YouTube demonetized the first episode only a few hours after it was uploaded on 31st January.

Shane Dawson is an internet personality and American YouTuber who remains one of the few people who got popular on the platform during its initial days, and has maintained their status to date. Dawson is popular for his works with Jeffree Star and the very controversial Jake Paul. He has done conspiracy videos in the past which remain one of his most viewed works. But with this one, the internet seems to be losing it really!

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