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Penny Lane’s Demoniac Documentary “Hail Satan?” Is Not At All Evil

Penny Lane’s provocative, documentary about The Satanic Temple will change your views about Satanists

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Penny Lane’s new documentary “Hail Satan?” has become a part of the Sundance Film Festival’s U.S. Documentary program.

In this Satanic documentary, Lane has highlighted the origin of the Satanic Temple, (atheistic political activist group) based in Salem, Massachusetts. Perhaps six years ago, this group took its first breath, since then the members are continuously fighting for religious rights and racial equality in the United States.

Penny Lane’s ‘Satanic Temple’ Adventure

In the beginning, Lane was not sure whether the temple members were just a part of a performance group. Or if the Satanic Temple with conservative beliefs really existed. she said:

“It was that confusion around the truth that is very appealing to me as a filmmaker,”

During the filmmaking experience of Hail Satan, Lane realized many things. The philosophy was however completely contrasting what we thought about the satanic group.

Lucien Greaves, the spokesman for the group, dressed in all black and use to wear horns and pointy ears as a pseudonym.

The Logic Behind Hail Satan

As a matter of fact, The members of Satanic Temple never believe in sacrificing human lives for good nor even they mutilate black cats. Surprisingly, these so-called evil beings are ardently working for the homeless. The other challenges include convincing state legislatures over the decision to erect monuments of the 10 Commandments on their Capitol lawns.

Moreover, the Satanists protest against abortion; pick up litter in public spaces; and establish functional ways for the availability of sanitary products for women in need. Eventually, their core undertaking is to erase the discrimination of rights between Christians and non-Christians.

Is Penny Lane Really Impressed With The Satanic Group?

Lane, who is set to release Hail Satan? at Sundance this year, in fact, has her own views on this exceptional group. She recently commented,

“We are in – and I think everyone agrees – a dark time in our country, I think people will be surprised, even if they don’t relate to the Satanists religiously, how inspiring it feels to witness a group of people with no power, money or political influence come together and make changes in their community.”

The Hail Satan? documentary spotlights the “Satanists” rally in support of Florida Governor, Rick Scott. In 2013, the governor has signed a bill that permits school districts to allow students to read inspirational or religious messages of their choosing at assemblies and sporting events.

Moreover, The Satanic Temple hung a slogan proclaiming “Hail Satan! Hail Rick Scott! while stepping on the Florida Capitol building.

The Documentary Hail Satan? Alters Lane Religious Concepts

Hence a lot more is still left to watch in Hail Satan?-a documentary directed by Penny Lane and produced by Gabriel Sedgewick.

In fact “Hail Satan?” completely changed Lane’s prospects of religious concepts

“I went into this project as someone who has no religious education or background, because I grew up and lived a total, secular life, I never could understand why people (joined a church), but there is a beautiful connection you make when you join a group. I’m not a Satanist, but I’m impressed by this group. I saw how much this organization has impacted and made their lives.”

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