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What Colin Kaepernick Did in the 2019 Super Bowl

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With the Super Bowl 2019 here, probably everybody is aware of who the disgraced NFL player Colin Kaepernick is. And even when NFL did not let him play, hundreds of people including celebrities expressed solidarity with him. In fact, so many singers including Rihanna and Cardi B passed on the Halftime performances because they wanted to show support to Kaepernick. But even then, with the Super Bowl season here, Colin Kaepernick is one of the most talked people to exist. And that too, for all the right reasons! What might look surprising to many is that social media has been exploding with an unusual hashtag. And one that’s not even remotely related to any teams or players for Super Bowl. But instead, it’s #ImWithKap. But what does this really do?

How is Colin Kaepernick Stealing Attention from Superbowl 2019?

Even when no team signed Colin Kaepernick to play for them after the whole national anthem controversy, he’s still doing big things. He’s collecting donations for his I Know My Rights campaign which aims to educate people about their rights in society. Not just that, Colin Kaepernick is also a strong believer of the Black Lives Matter campaign. And has also been trying to protest against racial injustice, and to support the provision of equal rights to the black community.

With Super Bowl 2019 here, people are not just boycotting watching or supporting the matches for Colin. But instead, social media has exploded with a storm as people take up ‘7 Challenge’ and the #ImWithKap hashtag circulates feeds all over. The 7 Challenge became instantly viral ever since it got started. And what it basically does is get people to donate $7 to Kaepernick’s I Know My Rights campaign. Here, the number 7 represents the number that the NFL player’s jersey had. With the 7 Challenge, each member who donates has to further nominate 7 people to do the same so that the cycle continues.

Everybody including fans and celebrities alike are enthusiastically participating in this challenge. In fact, many of them are even sporting the ‘#ImWithKap T-shirts’ and uploading pictures on social media. Nick Cannon, Stephen Curry, and Harry Belafonte are few stars who joined in. And Colin Kaepernick personally thanked Stephen and Harry on Instagram adding pictures of them wearing the #ImWithKap t-shirt.

Nick Cannon who also slammed Travis Scott for doing the Halftime show at Superbowl 2019 took to Twitter to participate in the 7 Challenge and urge others to reciprocate.

What is Colin Kaepernick Doing Now?

For those who don’t already know why Colin Kaepernick has such a strong follower support, you must be wondering what the man did to get expelled from NFL. The 31-year old player was a gem to his team, but he had certain morals. During a national anthem, Kaepernick refused to stand up but rather kneeled down in 2016 to protest against police brutality and racial injustice. Immediately, it sparked extreme backlash and controversy which led to all teams blacklisting the player and NFL banning him. But unfortunately, it did not work well for Super Bowl 2019 or the NFL. Hundreds and thousands of people including celebrities protested against it and well, Colin has successfully stolen focus!

After being banned from NFL, Colin decided to donate his time to charity. The I Know My Rights campaign was launched by him in an effort to create awareness on higher education, self empowerment, and create a stronger generation that could bring about the change needed in this world. Apart from working for this, he also appeared in Nike advertisements. And well, that was some brilliant marketing. It led people all over the country to burn their Nike apparel and ultimately, made Nike the most talked brand! With Superbowl 2019 in full swing, Colin Kaepernick is back into public attention thanks to Super Bowl campaign.

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