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Ryan Reynolds Spots a Giraffe on Set! But Which Set Could it be?

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Crazy things have happened on Hollywood sets! But we all can expect something truly fascinating to occur if we have the Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds on set. His personality just attracts the entertaining kind of crazy in the universe. And God bless social media because that’s how we got to know of this week’s odd thing that have happened to the one and only Ryan Reynolds.


Yes, that is indeed a giraffe. The puzzled face on the Ryan Reynolds was our reaction too. Upon seeing that, we got curious to understand why there was a damn giraffe on this Hollywood set.

Getting to the Bottom of Things

We need to figure out which Hollywood set this could possibly be. Ryan Reynolds is a busy man, he’s currently involved with 2 projects in 2019, one in 2020. And 3 whole new projects that were announced; Deadpool 3, Clue, X-Force.

Ryan’s Current Filming Projects

In 2019, he has lent his voice to Detective Pikachu in the live action movie Pokémon Detective Pikachu. The movie revolves around furry animals having to fight just because they’re Pokemon but one special fella wants to go against the norm and be a detective. Since it’s based on animals, we’re guessing it might have giraffes in it!

But we cannot rule out other possibilities just yet.

Another movie starring Ryan Reynolds in 2019 is 6 Underground. There is no trailer as of yet but the plot line focuses on 6 billionaires faking their own death in order to create a secret squad that takes down dangerous criminals. That is certainly an exciting movie that may at one point bring around a giraffe. The movie is in post-production phase so that’s why Reynolds might be surprised to see a giraffe on set. Maybe it was a spontaneous decision made in the writing room at the last stages of the film 6 Underground.

Then there’s another movie in pre-production Ryan Reynolds is doing right now called “Free Guy”. The character in the movie is a bank teller who suddenly realizes he’s just a character on a video game. It has some The Truman Show vibes. A giraffe on set in of Free Guy makes sense too, because truly anything goes in a video game.

Another movie in pre-production mode is The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard which is a sequel to the 2017 movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard starring Samuel L. Jackson and Salma Hayek. That movie is more based on realistic action and drama. Hence, a giraffe on this set doesn’t really make sense.

Lastly, Ryan Reynolds is lending his voice to another sequel to the animated movie The Croods. It was a feel good movie based on a caveman family. So, it doesn’t really require a giraffe either. Maybe it was there for inspiration?

Ryan Reynolds Interesting Commercials!

Apart from Hollywood movie business, Reynolds also appears in several commercials. Most notably for his gin company ‘Aviation Gin’ that he acquired back in early 2018. He doesn’t really a play a part in the manufacturing process but he’s more focused on marketing and distributing the product. In 2018, he had a commercial with businessman mogul Sir Richard Branson to tell the audience about a joint project aviation gin and Virgin Atlantics was going to have.

Here is another Aviation Gin commercial he did.

He has also appeared in this hilarious Toon Blast commercial.

He’s also currently the new face of the men’s fragrance line Giorgio Armani.

So, the giraffe could be for another unique commercial. He even called truce with his frenemy in Hollywood Hugh Jackman! Let’s see if that has something to do with it.

Ryan Reynolds has not given any further details but we’ll be on the look-out for anything  we find.

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