Trisha Paytas Calls David Dobrik Horrible in a Now Deleted Video

There’s suddenly a lot of drama happening with the Vlog Squad now. Trisha Paytas has apparently broken up with Jason Nash. That definitely seems to be the case in her recent video entitled “why David Dobrik is a HORRIBLE person”. It’s not available now because she took it off. But a Youtuber named Peter Mann made a video explaining his thoughts on it. What the focus of Trisha’s video was how David Dobrik’s need to find good content for his vlogs often leads to him provoking his friends and pushing them to their limits. Paytas slammed the Vlog Squad and how questionable behavior by the members goes ignored because it serves as a good bit to add in David’s famous vlogs.

What did David Dobrik do to Hurt Trisha Paytas

Recently, David urged Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas’ boyfriend, to joke about having a threesome with a fellow younger YouTuber TM. Trisha is very open about her insecurities of her personal life to her YouTube audience. So Trisha reminded the audience that she does not like it when Jason jokes about sleeping with another girl, even if it’s in a threesome.

Essentially, the joke was in poor taste. But it immensely hurt Trisha who found it painful and disgusting. She claims that she asked David to not post it on his vlog but he did it anyway. Moreover, she accused David of encouraging Jason Nash to voice out disgusting and hurtful jokes about her that they know would affect her. Since it’s good content for David’s vlogs, the insensitivity and pain of it goes unnoticed. Hence, she called David Dobrik a horrible person.

Trisha Paytas stated that Jason Nash only puts up with most of David’s impulsive and crazy behavior because he needs David to earn a living for himself and provide for his two kids.

Later in the video, Trisha elaborates on the drama between Jason Nash and his ex-wife.

Trisha Paytas Takes it a Bit Too Far

It was apparent that the YouTuber was in pain because of the insensitive joke David Dobrik and Jason Nash made about her. But in the now deleted video, she also mentioned Jason’s kids and ex-wife. She told the audience a story about how the ex-wife didn’t let Trisha and Jason live in their old house together.

Further messy details of how Jason Nash’s ex-wife behaves in poor fashion when it comes to the kids were also discussed. Irregardless of it being true or not, it was still a private family affair. And the family did not consent to having their personal life details being thrown out into the public eye for everyone to hear.

Perhaps that is what Trisha Paytas realized and deleted the video after a few short hours. But it was still there for some time and people did watch it. and YouTubers like Peter Monn even made videos about it.

Trisha and Jason Nash Broken up?

The whole tone of the video was implying that Trisha was done with Jason. She was sobbing throughout the whole video and fighting back tears. Maybe the pain of these questionable jokes Jason keeps making was the tipping point for her. Jason Nash has not made a response video nor any social media post regarding it. So, the break-up isn’t officially confirmed by both sides yet.

It could be like last time when the two kept making videos like these against each other. But eventually the two reconciled and got together again.

Let’s see if it happens again. And if other Vlog Squad members, especially David Dobrik, make a response video to it or not.

People are calling her hypocritical after this drama erupted. They say she used to make jokes like these herself as well. Read the full story here.

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