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Maluma Makes Super Bowl Debut With Beer Commercial

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Meeting up with friends, with a beer in hand; partying like there is no tomorrow- what else can be an ideal idea of what it’s like to have a ‘good time’. And for the Juan Luis inside Maluma , these are exactly the moments worth living to the fullest.  Unfortunately for him, he is too big of a star to, you know, chill out. But much thanks to the Super Bowl this Sunday, the Colombian-born singer will be able to relive those moments thanks to a commercial for Michelob ULTRA. The Latin Grammy Winner is all set to make his Super Bowl debut on 3rd February. And as a fan of both football and Maluma, I can’t help contain my excitement. Maluma Wills, Super Bowl, Justin Timberlake

During a call from NY, Maluma said,

“I do spend a lot of time traveling, but when I’m home and with my friends I enjoy simple moments. I love meeting up with friends to share stories and catch up. Those moments are important to me because I don’t want to lose myself, the real me. I’m really just a regular guy who always remembers where he comes from. My cameo is a snapshot of a guy who’s enjoying a night out with friends. There’s nothing artificial about who he is and what he’s doing. He is me”.

Maluma Wills Wants To Make It To The Super Bowl Stage

After starring in a commercial at the Superbowl, Maluma is now eyeing a live performance at the sports event. And for the Sony Latin Chart Topper, the idea is not really far fetched, For Maluma, a Super bowl stage performance would have a historic impact on the entire Latino community. Maluma is working towards his goal, and he is optimistic that he will land a half time performance opportunity soon.

 Maluma Would Love To Collaborate With Justin Timberlake

Will was buzzed as to which performer would he like to share the stage with if he lands a half time performance nod, the actor overtly and immediately stated that he would love to collaborate with Justin Timberlake. 

Maluma Is a big-time Justin Timberlake fan, and performing alongside him will be no less than a dream come true for the artist. The Cry Me a River singer and ex NSYNC band member is the musical model for Maluma, and the singer aspires to be like him,

Maluma also hinted towards impending collabs. He also teased a special collab which he feels is ‘too unreal to be a possibility’.

The Michelob ULTRA’s Ad Starring Maluma

The Michelob ULTRA’s 30 second Super Bowl commercial revisits the uncanny abundance of synthetic in the world. However, among all the artificial stuff,  your beer is one thing that ought to be very original. The Michelob ULTRA’s 30  ad compares robots to humans, assessing their capabilities, and offers conclusions that at the end of the day, robots cannot enjoy beer.

Aside from Maluma Wills, Cardi B will has also done a Pepsi commercial for Super Bowl this season. 

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