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Morphe Brushes Releases An Adorably Gorgeous Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes Collection

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So something very iconic happened tonight. Morphe Brushes just collaborated with makeup-mogul Jeffree Star, and in a series of surprises they have unveiled a Jeffree Star Brush Collection! Jeffree Star is an American Internet personality, makeup artist, entrepreneur, and singer-songwriter. He is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

For makeup enthusiasts, it is a matter of exhilarating rejoice. Moreover, since Morphe was quick to announce, and subsequently reveal its ‘surprise-in-store’, the wave of excitement was able to maintain a consistent pitch. Morphe Brushes teased a collab – which went by the name Jeffree Star x Morphe – on various social media platforms yesterday. And from that very moment, the entire internet community went bonkers. Earlier today, both the makeup guru and the cosmetics’ brand lifted the curtains off their riveting venture in a YouTube video.

The Jeffree Star Brush Collection Has Been In Contention For Long

This surprise collaboration; however, is not as sudden as it seems. In fact, during the reveal video, Star revealed that the alliance has been in the works for a long time. Practically, all Morphe Brush stores are engrossed in the retail of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Star too, in numerous makeup tutorials videos, has indicated his fondness for Moprhe Brushes. In fact, years ago Star and Moprhe both had planned to collaborate, but the  plans did not emerge out of their hypothetical stage until just today. Jeffree even revealed that he was using Moprhe Brushes in is very first video.

For the Jeffree Star Brush Collection, both the YouTuber and the production company, have been careful to not allow any sort of compromises to be made. From quality packaging to the choice of the color palette, the makeup and face brushes are exactly what we can call the epitome of perfection. Jeffree Star and Morphe Brushes both are all about quality, And keeping their motto in strong consideration, they have engineered an aesthetically pleasing set of 7 brushes and 3 sponges.

Jeffree Star x Morphe: What’s Inside The Boxes?

The cosmetic accessories will be available in all Moprhe Brushes retail stores, as well as on their e-commerce website. The custom made brushes and sponges carry dazzling hues of pink and have been assembled like a sophisticated set of crystals or gemstones. Star is promoting the Jeffree Star x Morphe brush set by listing it at $49 on its website. The total cost of all individual brushes, on the other hand is $84.

The Jeffree Star Brush Collection features a JS1 Size Queen Brush, a JS2 Point-Blank Precision Brush, a JS3 Iconic Contour Brush, a JS4 Fly High Brush, a JS5 Crease Kween Brush, a JS6 Rule, Blender Brush, and a JS7 Double Trouble. The cosmetics range has enclosed all its precious makeup brushes in a glistening, pink and silver Starstruck bag, The Jeffree Star x Morphe collabs also presents a Beauty Sponge collection.  It compromises of Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponge. And additionally includes 2 Mini Highlight & Contour Beauty Sponges.

The Rare Collabs Of Jeffree Star

There is a lot of stuff that Jeffree Star wants to do. He wants do a weed business. And he also gave Shane Dawson that expensive Gucci makeover  and destroyed Kat Von D’s makeup with James Charles. But collaborations are just not the thing for him.

Jeffree has rarely found himself collaborating with other makeup brands. In recent times, apart from the Jeffree Star x Morphe project, Star had also collaborated with Manny Gutierrez. However, owing to trademark infringement issues with Black Moon Cosmetics, the match made in hell went futile.

The Frequent Collabs Of Moprhe Brushes

For Morphe, collabs allow for brand recognition. Before releasing the Jeffree Star Brush Collection, Moprhe Brushes has also shaken hands with James Charles and Jackyn Hills for various ranges of makeup brush collections.

The Jeffree Star Brush Collection will be available in all Moprhe stores starting Feb. 5th 8AM PST / 11AM EST.

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