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Halsey and Jordan Peele Drag Donald Trump Jr. For Misspelling SNL

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It looks like Donald Trump Jr has stepped in to pull some attention away from his father. The US President has been continually mocked by celebrities and fellow politicians alike for his devastating government policies. But well, now Trump Jr. seems to be taking away the limelight shading his father from constant criticism for a bit. He could have at least found something less embarrassing to get himself ridiculed over. Will celebrities like Halsey and Jordan Peele forgive him for this ever?

What is Donald Trump Jr? Being Ridiculed Over?

Recently, Donald Trump Jr. reacted to a tweet saying that it was almost a funny version of an SNL skit. Well, there looks absolutely nothing wrong with this comment for Saturday Night Live is popular for its sketches and comedic bits. But the twist here is that Trump Jr. does not know what SNL is short for. And the man actually thinks that the ‘N’ in SNL stands for ‘And’. As unbelievably dumb as it sounds, this comes from the son of one of the most powerful leaders in the world!

Celebrities Jump In To Mock Trump Jr. Over Unusual Spelling Mistake…

Making fun of somebody’s spelling error sounds cruel. But the internet police is always there to make a person regret everything he posts online. Probably what Donald Trump Jr. was not expecting was that celebrities will rush in to take jabs at his foolish misspelling. But well, sadly mistaken! Stars like Halsey and Jordan Peele took to Twitter to make fun of Trump’s son at not knowing what SNL stands for.

Halsey, the American singer popular for her albums like Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is all set to host the Saturday Night Live (SNL) this coming week. And what could be a better way to remind that to people while poking some fun at Trump Jr’s misspelling?

Matt Binder also retweeted Donald Trump Jr’s tweet adding that he actually thinks N stands for and. The American actor and comedian Jordan Peele known for his  famous TV show Key and Peele could not resist scoring at this mistake. So, he decided to post it on his Twitter as well referring to Trump’s son as a fool.

Will anybody on the internet ever let Donald Trump Jr. get away with this mistake? Jordan Peele and  Halsey certainly won’t.

What are Halsey and Jordan Peele Doing Currently?

After winning an Oscar for best Original Screenplay of the movie Get Out, Jordan Peele is currently working on a major movie Us starring Lupita Nyong’o, Elizabeth Moss and Winston Duke. He’s also known for lending his voice on Netflix’s Big Mouth.

Meanwhile, Halsey garnered a lot of fame for being the number-one single on Billboard Hot 100 as a solo artist for her song Without Me that featured her ex-boyfriend G-Eazy’s look alike. Recently, last month Halsey gave us the song’s remix version featuring Juice WRLD (an American rapper).

It’s surprising how they have the time to drag the president’s son with their busy schedules! But seems like they got their priorities straight!

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