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Fyre Festival’s Social Media Company Fuck Jerry Steals Other’s Posts Blatantly

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Shocking! The social media agency by Fuck Jerry (Elliot Tebele), Covering Fyre Festival, daringly steals other people’s posts

FuckJerry Is Stealing Other’s Posts

@FuckJerry on Instagram. The popular meme page, with more than 14 million followers, is run by Elliot Tebele. Tebele, in fact, is a 27-year-old Syrian Jew.

Moreover, Tebele turned his Instagram account into a media company (Jerry Media), a Cards Against Humanity type-game (What Do You Meme?), and a tequila brand (Jaja).

It’s revealed now that Fuck Jerry received all his success falsely. The Instagram mastermind filled his pocket by posting stolen materials from other sites. Tebele and company are daringly carrying out this practice of using other’s content as their own meme since years.

Megh Wright Exposes The Fraud

Then, Vulture comedy editor Megh Wright took the responsibility to unveil Fuck Jerry’s ongoing fraud. This week, she’s on a mission to spread awareness of Fuck Jerry’s joke theft. She, however, requests the internet users to unfollow Fuckjerry’s account while posting the #FuckFuckJerry hashtag.

Wright’s has also posted a longer thread yesterday demonstrating how building a fake company on other people’s jokes actually gains profit.

The Story Behind Fyre Festival

As a matter of fact, Fyre Festival was lead by famous entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule. The event perhaps got its announcement in late 2016. Many top Instagram celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid mentioned it in their feeds.

Furthermore, Jerry Media, a company by Elliot Tebele a.k.a. FuckJerry publicized the festival on social media. The company, in fact, posted a viral video on the festival island, however, the actual event was a massive failure.

Jerry Media promoted that the three days party at Fyre Festival will deliver a VIP experience on the island of Great Exuma. Unfortunately, the event was nothing but a disaster as attendees have to reside in half-built huts and they even ate cold cheese sandwiches.

Fyre Festival Documentaries On Netflix And Hulu

Well, two renowned streaming services: Netflix and Hulu. documentaries released documentaries about Fyre Festival in the same week. The first premieres Friday on Netflix, directed by Chris Smith- co-produced by Jerry Media.

While Hulu telecasted its documentary on the same subject directed by Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason.

Obviously, Hulu’s documentary is very precise and sensible. The film totally opposed what Netflix has propagated about the event.

After these two Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix, it is certain that @FuckJerry’s has a role in this disaster.

Consequently, McFarland has to bear six years prison’s life and charged to pay  $26 million.

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