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7 Weirdest Sports Ever Played

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Somewhere along the line, humans got so bored they came up with weirdest sports to pass the time. It’s no wonder Elon Musk is trying to get the hell out of Earth. Here I present to you the weirdest sports ever played….

1 7 Weirdest Sports Ever Played

2 Wife-carrying

Source: Daily Mail

Played in Finland, this sport is for those hopeless romantics who wanted to solidify their love publicly and stupidly. It’s an annual event, and the bullshit has even spread to Australia and United States.

3 Fireball soccer

Fireball soccer
Source: YouTube

Only a true badass can play this sport. A ball of coconut fiber is dipped in fuel and thrown around, because why not! There are no safety measures, though I am personally concerned about the mental health of those that play this sport.

4 Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing
Source: Stadium

If you get bored of chess or boxing, then why not combine the two? It actually sounds interesting. It exhausts your brain as well as your body, and it seems like a masochist’s dream come true.

5 Buzkashi

Source: Telegraph

It’s a race to test the best of your abilities; your immense willpower to drag a goddamn goat corpse while riding on horses. I would likely fail this sport, but honestly, I’m okay with this flaw.

6 Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Giant Pumpkin Regatta
Source: Madison

Innovative, fun and messed up. This sport combines scooping out the insides of a pumpkin and making a boat out of it. Then seeing which boat reaches to finish line. It might be a nice pass time with your friends after you’re done complaining about life.

7 Cheese Rolling

Cheese Rolling
Source: Cord Magazine

There’s a giant cheese wheel that you race against, and if you finish first then you win! The prize included the entire cheese wheel itself and some deadly diseases should you choose to eat it.

8 Egg throwing

Egg throwing
Source: Ruralgames

What I thought my stand up comedy routine would get, but this is a bit different. This game is where you throw an egg, and the other player has to catch it. The game continues until one of them starts questioning everything in life, I’m guessing.

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