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More Erika Costell and Jake Paul Drama

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By this time, you must all be familiar with the Paul brothers who own all the drama on YouTube. With one thing after another, it seems like there is absolutely no end to it. The American vlogger Jake Paul who announced his split from his girlfriend Erika Costell back in November is probably still not over it. Three months down the lane, and he is still throwing shade at his ex-girlfriend. But maybe it was Erika who sparked it this time? Apparently, Costell blocked Jake’s number which forced him to diss her publicly. Well, whatever it was, fans can be assured that this might never die down. After all, Jake Paul and his brother Logan Paul are known for their desire for controversy and attention.

Why is Jake Paul Throwing Shade at Erika Costell Again?

On January 26th, Jake Paul uploaded a video in which he did everything that ‘mini-Jake Paul’ (Tydus Talbott) told him to do for 24 hours. Amidst other stuff, one of his requests included Paul calling his ex-girlfriend to speak over the phone. Although Paul seemed reluctant to do it at first, he eventually obliged. But his call went straight to Costell’s voicemail, after a disappointing series of dial tones. Had Erika blocked his phone number?

Looks like this was too much insult for Jake Paul to digest. He later went on to diss Erika Costell on his Instagram story. The model has posted a picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie holding hands signed with a heart. So, Paul responded by uploading a picture of a man kissing a cobra, which was also signed with a heart, in a similar fashion.

However, this is not all from Paul’s end. Previously, he made a tweet indirectly dissing Erika another time. Although his tweet did not name anybody, it stated that it was aimed at the person who was treating him like ‘dirt’.

Before all this drama erupted, fans believed that Paul might have been referring to Erika for she also made a tweet uploading the definition of insanity.

Looks like Jake Paul and Erika Costell will never wrap up their breakup drama, will they?

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