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7 Funniest Courses Offered At University

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Dreading university and wondering when some bus will hit you so you can escape the torture? Who cannot relate to this? Probably some prince who doesn’t need to go to any university. Or maybe it’s someone from these universities enrolled in these hilarious courses. I’d kill to swap my dry as dust classes with any of these for even a day!

1 Joy of Garbage

Joy of Garbage
Source: Techno Buffalo

Santa Clara University offers this course where you are taught to love garbage. Yes, you read that right. You’ll learn everything from what it is to what happens to it and how does it end. I’ll take this over my Pre-Calculus class any day!

2 A history of the Pig in America

A history of the Pig in America
Source: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Xavier University in Cincinnati teaches this course where you learn how pigs came into existence, their positions and roles in society (it’s more than providing bacon for us). Apparently, we’ve talked superheroes too much; it’s time for the pigs now!

3 Cyber-porn and Society

Cyber-porn and Society
Source: TheRichest

It’s not exactly what it sounds, but yes, this course offered at University of New York at Buffalo teaches the role of pornography in the evolution and development of the internet. Even when you don’t get to watch porn in class (sorry you perverts out there), the course can be really awkward when doing some explanations.

4 Science of Batman

Science of Batman
Source: Garotas Geeks

The University of Victoria came up with the course that deals with Batman, his achievements and character as a superhero, etc. For all the nerds out there, this course is for you. Get to know Batman in depth and like never before!

5 How to Watch TV

How to Watch TV
Source: Mobile Advertising Watch

Montclair University introduced the course on the importance of television in our lives. There are also explanations on how best to watch TV. It sounds like we’ve been doing basic things wrong from the start!

6 Zombies in popular media

Zombies in popular media

At the Columbia College Chicago, among many courses there is actually a course on the walking dead and the influence of brain-eating things on voodoo. It’s better to be prepared for everything!

7 Sociology of Miley Cyrus

Sociology of Miley Cyrus
Source: Flickr

Skidmore College has found the best way to waste time; there is a course on the sociology of the American pop singer Miley Cyrus. Yes, you can now enroll in a class to gossip about celebrities!

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