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Shane Dawson Gives Hints Ahead of His Conspiracy Series Premiere

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Shane Dawson has crafted a new form of documentary series on his YouTube platform, encouraging everyone to be as innovative and creative as possible. His docuseries on Jeffree Star, Jake Paul, and Tanacon helped us get an in-depth view of popular YouTubers and controversial events. His dedicated fans know him for his strong passion for conspiracy theories.

After almost a three month break, where he had to evacuate his house and move into a new one due to the California Woolsey fires, he’s finally back! Though, we still saw Shane Dawson on his partner Ryland Adams’ YouTube channel where together they exposed Defy Media. And he received a $15,000 Gucci gift from none other than Jeffree Star. But his highly anticipated conspiracy series is only a couple of hours away! We have gotten some teasers and a trailer for the conspiracy series but we have no clear idea of what it could be. However, there are some hints that the YouTuber has given out!

FaceTime Conspiracy

Shane Dawson has retweeted a twitter story that talks about how a FaceTime bug gives iPhone users the permission to call another device using FaceTime and hear the audio of the other side before the recipient has even accepted the call!

He entitled it “1.30”. It’s a reference to the conspiracy series coming out! Shane is obviously going to talk more about technology and FaceTime conspiracy theories, as we witnessed in the trailer he put out.

We Can’t Forget Shane Dawson’s Love for Aliens

Moreover, the YouTuber has also been obsessed with aliens. He has mentioned famous locations like Area 51 that people think is a secret government place that has alien research. He’s even collaborated with the Psychic Twins who claim to have been abducted by aliens. So, there’s a good chance we’ll be hearing about them in the conspiracy series as well.

So, let’s all patiently wait for Shane Dawson’s conspiracy series to come out. Be sure you’re in the right mood!

Shane Dawson’s conspiracy series will be available on YouTube on 30th January 2019. Tune in!

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