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4 Horrible Cases Of Cyberbullying On Social Media

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Social media has given us some good times, but we are so caught up in this bubble that we don’t realize how horrible it can be. These social media platforms have brought about some awful cases of cyberbullying that has led to people committing suicide.

1 Jessica Logan

Jessica Logan
Source: Mail Online

This high school senior used a social media platform to send a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend. Once they broke up, the photo was sent to hundreds of people through social media. Unable to stand the shame, Jessica committed suicide by hanging herself not long after.

2 Tyler Clementi

Tyler Clementi
Source: Spokane Public Radio

Tyler Clementi, a teenager, was caught in footage kissing another boy. This footage was circulated through social media platforms making him a hot topic for shitty people online to ridicule which led to him taking his own life by jumping off a bridge.

3 Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd
Source: Tumblr

This teenage girl started online communication through video chats to make friends when social media became popular. One such desperate individual tricked her into showing him her breasts through the camera. The person took a photograph and made it viral through the internet, blackmailing Amanda everywhere she went. This led to her committing suicide.

4 Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith
Source: Cyberbullying research center

This social networking site that allowed anonymous questions and comments from others led to Hannah hanging herself because she was sick of people making cruel comments on her weight.

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