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True Detective Season 3 and Season 1 Will Have a Crossover Next Week!

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 The teaser for next week’s True Detective Season 3 episode, “If You Have Ghosts,” marks the crossover show of season 3 and season 1.

Remember a few weeks ago we have predicted the congruity between True detective season one and season 3 telecasts. The post in fact read, the corruption turned horror show hinted the similar magnificence of season one exhibition, displaying assorted time periods of 1980, 1990, and 2015.

True Detective Seasonal Crossover In The Upcoming Episode

Our predictions are pretty valid as since it’s beginning, ‘True detective’s season 3’ entails all the dramatic flavors of season one showcase. Thus refreshing the real essence of the original thriller. Hence, the recent teaser for next week’s episode, “If You Have Ghosts,” directly connect season 3 to season 1. The trailer connected the whole plot to its roots designing a perfect and parallel anthology series.

The Easter Egg Connections

Earlier, another direct link to season one has been reported. It was basically an Easter egg from the episode, ‘Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye’. Moreover, in one of the scenes of ‘Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye’, documentary producer Elisa redirected the recent Will and Julie Purcell case to a series of other crimes. She, in fact, referred the case to a ‘crooked spiral’. The spiral, however, is one of the most crucial visual images we have from Carcosa, exhibited in season 1.

The Laptop Image

How smart our social media subscribers are. One of the keen Twitter observers, @shanerp14 took a screenshot displaying two familiar faces on a laptop screen from the 18-minute teaser clip.

The image is basically a photograph showing season -one actors Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson). The caption on the photograph, however, read “Former State Police Officers Stop Alleged Serial Killer”. As a matter of fact, Rust and Marty’s story wrapped up in 2012 long before season 3’s 2015 setting. It would be interesting to watch these timeline connections of season one and three plots in the upcoming episode.

The laptop image appears in  2015 when Hays is being interviewed by Elisa Montgomery (Sarah Gadon). Surprisingly, the interviewer commented:

“They’re all gone, vanished, killed, kept silent.”

After her comments, the article appears on screen revealing two protagonists from season one. It is perhaps possible that  Cohle and Hart lost their lives during their struggle to unveil a paedophile conspiracy that prevails in both seasons.

Season One Straw Dolls in Season 3

Moreover, Elisa hinted that paedophile rings are “connected to people of influence.” Next, the straw dolls are also found near Will Purcell’s (Phoenix Elkin) body in one of the season 3 episode.

Elisa says.

“It’s been theorized that the straw dolls are a sign of paedophile groups, like the crooked spiral,”

The Nic Pizzolatto’s third season of True Detective on HBO and Sky Atlantic aired on January 13, 2019. Mahershala Ali’s exclusive performance as Detective Wayne Hays is nothing unusual to comment. Moreover, you can watch Stephen Dorff as Mahersala’s partner Roland West. The pair is struggling to resolve missing children case over three decades. Season 2, however, fails to draw fan’s attention.

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