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Terry Crews Slams DL Hughley For Mocking His Sexual Assault Allegations

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The biggest, and practically the only hurdle in the reckoning path of the noble #MeToo campaign is irrefutably toxic masculinity. Out of what Anita Hills describes as ‘sad reactions to sexual assault allegations’ , the major ones are characterized by men mocking or victim blaming sufferers. Amid this atmosphere, only a few resilient ones have managed to emerge in support of the campaign. And these souls are not only wholeheartedly dedicated to the movement’s objectives, but are also daringly questioning the behavior of their peers. Terry Crews, who finds significant adoration on Brooklyn Nine Nine for his alter ego of the same first name, is one such man who has repeatedly challenged conventional patriarchal approaches of the society.

DL Hughley Does Not Believe Brooklyn Nine Nine Actor’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Recently DL Hughley, a noted stand-up comedian, mockingly victim blamed Terry Crews over his groping allegations. Aside from this, Hughley issued a hypothetical denial of Crews’ narration by remarking that Crews was a little too physically able to be a sexual assault victim.

Hughley told VLAD TV,

“Hey motherfucker, God gave you muscles so that you can say no. And mean it”.

The Brooklyn Nine Nine star did not take immediate notice of Hughley’s ridiculously cutting mockery. But recently, the actor chose to break his silence .

Terry Crews was one of the first, and very few men to dare to reveal his story of sexual assault. He accused Adam Venit, a powerful Hollywood agent at WME, of groping him at an industry event in 2016. Crews even filed a lawsuit against Venit within months of going public, and he later dropped WME as his agency. Last year; however, prosecutors ultimately decided to not charge Venit for the assault.

Previously, 50 cents mocked Terry Crews for his #MeToo story but fortunately Crews ended up receiving support against the lewd comments.

Terry Crews Calls Out  DL Hughley For Making Negligent Assumptions About His Allegations

During his interview DL Hughley attempted to subjugate all victims who had dared an exposé of their assailant. In fact, Hughley dropped lower than  imaginable depths when he broadly judged the #MeToo movement for being some fashion trend people were desperate to follow.

“Everybody is so into this notion that ‘it happened to me too”.

Although it took him a while, Terry Crews effectively slammed the Hughley for his ignorant claims. He called him out for trying to imply that harassment victims want to get touched inappropriately.

Crews said,

“Sir you said I should have pushed him back, or restrained him.  And I DID ALL THOSE THINGS… but you act like I didn’t”.

Crews’ Recent Controversies Over The Same Subject

In response to Crews allegations, several high profile celebs have offered skeptical resistance. In a very textbook sense of toxic masculinity, Russell Simmons, 50 Cent and now recently activist Tariq Nasheed, have all used body objectification as an excuse to rebuke Terry Crews’ allegations.

Crews is adamant at challenging partisan assumptions about sexual assault and its victims. The Brooklyn Nine Nine star wants people to realize that there’s no one victim. It can be from any race, color, physique and gender do not define what a victim must look like. After all, everyone is vulnerable to the ills of this pressing social issue.

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