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Debra Messing Has Asked Help From Ellen DeGeneres To Get Dates

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The popular actress Debra Messing had some pretty amazing New Year Resolutions. And being more open to dating fell in the list along with more meditation and hanging out with friends more often. But what’s interesting is that although Messing is not looking to not love, she is not finding many candidates responding to it. The Will & Grace star who got divorced almost 8 years back has not been seeing anyone. And finally, Ellen DeGeneres to the rescue! It’s probably safe to assume that being a matchmaker is another talent that Ellen should add to her list. And that’s because Messing has requested Ellen to set her up on dates. Now that Messing has listed out her requirements, count on the host to find her the perfect dude!

Will Ellen DeGeneres Find the Perfect Date for Debra Messing?

Debra Messing has been single ever since she divorced her husband in 2011 after a decade of marriage. And that’s despite the fact that the Searching actress has made a New Years’ resolution that she’ll be more open to dating. In her defense, Messing has argued that nobody has requested her out on a date. And that she literally has zero offers to consider. Ellen has suggested that in order to meet people, Messing has to be somewhere. So the actress should hang out with her single friends more often. But well, the Emmy-winning actress has friends who have already found relationships for themselves.

Left with no option, Debra Messing has requested Ellen to be her matchmaker. Apparently, the host claims that she is very good at setting people up. And has even offered to show the Dirty Dancing actress some testimonials from her success stories. When inquired about the type of guy that Messing would want, the actress listed really smart and funny before adding in a tricky trait. And that is somebody who really cares about the world. But then again, she added this with a much doubtful look herself.

With Ellen DeGeneres as the matchmaker, Debra Messing might be able to fulfill her son’s wish. And that is to see his mother go out on a date. Let’s see what this year brings!

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