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Patton Oswalt Turns Twitter Troll Into Grateful Fan With Kind Gesture

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Patton Oswalt has been a strong critic of Donald Trump’s words and actions. So, naturally he receives a lot of backlash from loyal Trump supporters and Twitter trolls. One such incident happened when one Trump supporter by the name of Michael Betty was hurling insults at the actors to his poem about the president of the United states of America.

This was the insulting response by Michael Betty.

For clarification, Patton Oswalt had a minor role in an old movie called Blade Trinity almost ten years ago where he died early on. And later, the Twitter troll and Trump supporter tweeted another hurtful spew of words, to which Patton Oswalt responded comically and rather savagely.

But, then an amazing act of kindness happened by the actor who had a recurring role in the later seasons of Two and a Half men.

Oswalt Changes Course!

Patton Oswalt went into the Twitter troll’s profile and learned that he is suffering from a serious illness. After which the actor generously offered to donate to him and urged all of his fans to do the same.

This sparked a massive change in Michael Betty’s behavior. The anger and hate changed into complete gratitude. After all, Patton Oswalt just helped save his life.

It’s truly a noble act that we rarely expect to see. Oswalt decided to be the bigger person and ignored the hurtful things an ailing man said. At that moment he didn’t look at his political views, but rather focused on the simple rule of humanity. He aided someone he could aid. In these divided times political tensions are high and the future is uncertain. Normal folk have become harsh enemies of each other fueled just by their political affiliations. Seeing someone ignore all of that and just help a fellow human being out when they could proves that there is hope for reconciliation. It shows how humanity can still be better.

Oswalt was probably being empathetic to Betty because he lost his own wife Michelle McNamara in 2016 due to a horrible disease.

After Patton Oswalt’s selfless and heroic gesture, Michael Betty changed his behavior and vowed to be better.

Moreover, Patton Oswalt used this moment to clarify to Michael Betty that what the Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are fighting for is free health care for all. Something that would definitely help people like Betty rely on the state and not through a #GoFundMe page.

Even after people questioned Oswalt’s choices of being the bigger person, he shut them down with one simple sentence.

Today was a day where we can all realize that before political differences divided a nation, we can still choose to be better human beings who see the bigger picture and choose to become heroes.

Jane Lynch summarizes it perfectly.

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