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Brace Yourselves People, The Conners Finale Is Bringing You A ‘Big Return’

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Loose strings arc inwards this Tuesday on The Conners’ finale. After a critically successful 10-episode run, the Roseanne spin-off is inching towards its closure with its season finale.  The sitcom’s journey in a nutshell: The Conner family continues to deal with life’s challenges after the passing of their matriarch while still making one another laugh. The Conners, born of the ashes of ABC’s revival of its wildly popular family comedy- Roseanne-, killed of Barr in its inaugural episode. While its ratings did fall short of the numbers Roseanne was turning in for the network, The Conners was nevertheless able to establish itself with its distinctive political edginess, intelligent humor, and palpable realism.

The Conners’ Finale Promo

A new promo for next week’s season finale shows Darlene (Sara Gilbert) answering the door. We find Darlene surprised, and at-least a little bit annoyed by whoever she finds there.

Darlene says to what the video teased as the ‘big return’,

“You think you can just come in here and I’m gonna drop everything”!

The particular sequence aired towards the end of the Conners’ finale teaser. And building upon our knowledge of the show’s unpredictability, it can be really anyone.

Will Roseanne Barr Return To Her Franchise On The Conners Finale?

The Conners was supposed to breathe its last after its 10th episode. Moreover, with conspiracy theories and controversies constantly fueling the show’s unpopularity, it looked almost as if that the show would soon walk out for good. There were also speculations that the makers were begging Roseanne Barr to return. And amid all these terrible tales, ABC announced a ‘surprise’ 11th episode for The Conners.

Is Johnny Galecki The Main Highlight Of The Conners’ Finale?

The Conners did logically well in terms of garnering numbers. It worked out fine in terms of finances, and in all honesty it was a better show than Roseanne’s reboot. The show retains almost all of its former cast with the exception of a few. It will hence be interesting to watch which character is the show planning to bring back. The odds for Roseanne’s resurrection are exactly zero. Apart from Barr, The Conners is also missing Johnny Galecki from its main cast. Although Galecki has appeared on the show, his presence has not been more than a cameo. And with Galecki’s Big Bang Theory wrapping up soon, the actor snagging a full-fledged role on The Conners sounds very likely. Of course, we would not know that until the Conners’ finale actually hits our TV screens.

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