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Ryan Reynolds Slams Hugh Jackman with 10 Year Challenge Tweet

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The superheroes are back at it again! Ryan Reynolds has already been after Hugh Jackman after the Wolverine actor refused to do a crossover with Deadpool. Reynolds who has continually been trying to get him to reprise his role for one last time has failed numerous times. But even then, he never gives up. Now that the internet is being taken over by the 10 year challenge, the Deadpool actor took another shot. The friendly war that raged between the two is actually getting out of hands now. And especially, since their superhero alter-egos are involved. A savage tweet from the Deadpool official account has been made on behalf of Jackman’s 10 year challenge. And Reynolds really needs to chill!

Deadpool gets Savage Towards Wolverine with 10 Year Challenge Tweet

Ryan Reynolds went in for Hugh Jackman but this time with the official Twitter account for Deadpool. What he did was posted the before and after for Jackman’s 10 year challenge. But the twist here is that the first picture showed Hugh Jackman from the 2009 movie X Men Origins: Wolverine which introduced the character for the first time. And the second picture was from 2017’s Logan in which Wolverine actually dies. Savage isn’t it? And honestly quite different from the glow-ups that we saw in the 10 year challenge all over the internet.

But well, Deadpool got no chill, and Reynolds just proved that! He also took aim at his on screen friend Colossus and uploaded another 10 year challenge for him.

Fans were soon reacting that this was something they were still not ready for. After all, we are not over with the shock that Wolverine actually passes away. And look at Ryan Reynolds taking direct jabs at their wounds.

But is he doing it all in the hope that Hugh Jackman will agree to reprise his role as Wolverine another time?

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