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Shailene Woodley Uses 10 Year Challenge to Remind us of Global Warming

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Everyone has been indulging in a fun internet trend known as the 10 Year challenge where they post their current picture of themselves and one of 10 years ago to showcase how far they’ve come. Some have used it for hilarious reasons like Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act post. While others have outright rejected it like Billy Eichner. But some politically woke celebrities like Shailene Woodley have used it to divert our attention into something important. We’re talking about global warming.

It’s an important message we all should be thinking about. It highlights how in ten years, the ice caps will probably start to melt away at an even faster rate.

Recent studies suggest that global warming is a serious concern we should stop ignoring by now. The oceans are warming up even quicker now, which is certainly alarming.

Kudos to Shailene Woodley for making us pay attention to things that matter using the 10 Year challenge on the internet.

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