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‘Family Guy’ Bosses Explain Clearly offensive Trump Episode

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It looks like Family Guy is already facing trouble for its immense love for controversial episodes. In the latest episode, Trump became a target. And really, it could count as something clearly offensive. The episode showed the US President passing an inappropriate comment on his daughter Ivanka Trump while talking to Meg Griffin. Apparently, he seemed to compliment his daughter’s breasts. But well, that’s not it. The entire episode was dedicated to mocking the President but that dragged other people including Meg into the scenes. However, the Family Guy bosses are now attempting to explain the controversial episode. Although they don’t seem sorry for it, they are still trying to offer a defense.

Can ‘Family Guy’ Bosses Really Defend The Offensive Trump Episode?

Family Guy devoted an entire episode to President Donald Trump, and mocking him over. But now that the episode is out and amidst a controversy, are they really trying to defend their humor? Well, yes. The show runners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin decided to explain the moments they particularly picked on.

While explaining their show, Appel posed the interviewer with the question asking what came to his mind when he heard the word ‘Donald Trump’. And then elaborated that the point of using Meg was to portray how  Trump preys on vulnerable people. He added that,

It’s clearly offensive and gross and not appropriate. But not only didn’t we not want to show it, we don’t want to be too explicit about exactly what happened.

When asked how the comedy tackled the topic of sexual assault, Appel claimed that they wanted to touch Trump’s public face without compromising Meg too much. But the focus was how people find it hard to believe that the president could be accused of unwanted touching. And that’s the entire message behind it-people who question the reporting of such harassment need to take it seriously.

Looks like Family Guy might have produced what you can consider an offensive episode, but well, they had a point.

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