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Sorry Internet, Billy Eichner Won’t Do the 10 Year Challenge

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The 10 Year challenge has everyone posting their pictures from 10 years ago on social media. The challenge seems to be a positive on, focusing on the growth and success you’ve made for the past 10 years. It’s like a good pat on the back. Because for most of us in our 30s and 20s, 10 years ago was a pretty bad time. We were broke, ugly and didn’t have the concept of selfies like we do today. It’s embarrassing, funny and light-hearted all at the same time. But unfortunately for fans of Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner will not be doing the 10 Year Challenge.

A plain simply rejection of the internet trends of today. He is as savage as he is politically woke. I guess, we just have to respect his decisions. But it did get us wondering why Billy Eichner would do this.

So, we took a look at the comments section of this Instagram post. And found something interesting.


Apparently, some fans aren’t interested in seeing celebrities do the 10 year challenge because there’s not much of a difference in their appearance if they’re still successful and rich as they were 10 years ago.

Billy Eichner’s comment gives evidence that he completely agrees with this. And has no interest in showing the internet a bad time of his life. Though, he is interested in being the first gay Bachelor!

Meanwhile, you can check out the hilarious 10 year challenge of Hasan Minhaj that Patriot Act did of him.

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