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Justin Bieber and JoJo Siwa Reignite Feud

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If the Kardashian feuds are too much drama for you, you need to know how it follows Justin Bieber versus JoJo Siwa fight. Looks like the war is slowly transforming into a friendship. Although they previously buried the hatchet when Bieber commented on his dislike for Siwa’s customized car, the Canadian singer jokingly poked some fun at it again. He uploaded a picture of the YouTuber’s new guidebook on Instagram and captioned it the same as his previous comment on her car. But instead of reacting with anger, she blew it off with a joke towards him. Looks like all is cool between the two now. And well, it was previously as well when they decided to let their little thing go. In fact, Siwa invited Bieber to perform on her 16th birthday. But will that happen?

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What’s New In the Justin Bieber- JoJo Siwa Internet Feud This Time?

On Friday, Bieber posted a picture of Siwa’s book called JoJo’s Guide to Making Your Own Fun on his Instagram story. And he captioned it, ‘Burn it haha jk’. But Siwa immediately clapped back at him with an Instagram post of her own. She uploaded a picture of herself reading a book while sitting next to a cardboard cutout of teenage Justin Bieber. While the cutout was smoldering and holding his hood, Siwa had a huge smile across her face. She captioned the photo saying,

Since @justinbieber likes my books now I thought I would read him my new one JoJo and BowBow CANDY KISSES)!!

This brief moment is a direct resemblance to the mini-feud that the two had previously right before the new year. When JoJo Siwa got herself a custom BMW convertible with a photo of herself and ‘JoJo Siwa’ written across the exterior, Justin Bieber did not approve of it. The over-stimulation of colors caught his attention. And he commented saying, ‘Burn it.’

Naturally, Siwa’s mom did not appreciate his comment and replied saying that he should burn his own things. Eager to solve things, a few days later Bieber offer the YouTuber an apology. And added that he had nothing against her. But it was only the exterior of the car that made him comment. Siwa accepted his apology wholeheartedly and added that he could perform at her 16th birthday, and they would call it good.

But well, not so easy for Bieber. Later that day, JoJo Siwa poked some fun at the whole feud again. She posted a picture of the vibrant car with a cardboard cutout of the singer. Justin Bieber sat in the front all set to take a ride. And she captioned the picture ‘burn it’.

Looks like Siwa got herself a new catch-phrase!

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