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Dear Misogynists, Sophia Bush Is Not Buying Your ‘Likability’ Crap Concerning Elizabeth Warren

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For a candidate running for the presidential office, it is nearly impossible to be ‘a woman’ and ‘likable’ at the same time. For female candidacy, there are a few requirements that we have observed over the past few years. What must a woman in politics do to be likable? Well, she should not be too old, like Nancy Pelosi, or too young like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She shouldn’t have a ‘shrill tone’ like Hillary Clinton. And she obviously cannot be Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard professor, and a seasoned senator who practiced her adept expertise to drive the USA out of its 2008 financial crisis. And if you are thinking that people saying this will tell you that they dislike women being in politics, well no. They will just tell you how these women have ‘flaws’. Furthermore, they will also insist that their vision has nothing whatsoever, to do with misogyny and sexism. And if you do not feel like reasoning with such people, just let Sophia Bush do the honors for you.

‘Women Do Not Need To Be Likable’ – Sophia Bush

If you ask Sophia Bush about a female candidate’s likability, she will probably get back at you with an “It drives me crazy”. She will also tell you

“We treat women like they’re meant to simply be pretty. Like they’re meant to be looked at. As if they need to be mothers. And as if they should be caretakers. Well, they can be all of those things. But then they also are equally empowered to be smart, educated, thoughtful, to be investors – not just charitable donors. And if they can be both, great”.

So if we take a quick look, following Sophia Bush is a prominent baby step for those who want to stay informed.

Sophia Bush Wants To ‘Banish’ The World ‘Unlikable’

In her interview with Hollywoodlife, Bush also called out the ideological disparities in America. She pointed out that men are asked to invest their amassed wealth, while women are expected to donate what they earn. To Sophia Bush, society has different standards of viewing men and women in the same sphere. Sophia even went ahead to elaborated that she wanted to ‘banish’ the world unlikable.  She revealed,

“‘Unlikable’ has become synonymous with smart, outspoken, opinionated, educated, active. And it’s a word I want to banish”.

But, Is Bush Stumping For Elizabeth Warren?

Sophia Bush shut up all who were assessing Elizabeth Warren’s credibility for the role on the basis of ‘likability.’ She did; however, not hint any political opinions while doing so. In fact, she maintained,

“I want to hear what they [all of the candidates] have to say because they’re smart and experienced”.

She warned turning heads from trying to decry the voice of any deserving candidate. And finally, she advised people to root for the best man (or woman).

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