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Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Videos Are Going to Be a Series!

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There’s probably something  interesting coming up on YouTube soon. The popular star Shane Dawson has teased his upcoming documentary series and fans are desperately waiting for this big project full of mystery. He has already given out ideas of the cryptic message this new series will revolve around. And also, we have an estimated time of arrival for this highly anticipated series. From what we gather through his latest tweets, Dawson’s new series will be here by the end of this month. And well, the content is going to be nothing but unexpected. Looks like there is some great conspiracy behind all this, because Dawson himself is already sensing danger. The YouTuber has been teasing this docuseries for quite some time now. Previously, he is known for his coverage of controversial YouTubers like Jake Paul and Jeffree Star, But will this one also be based on an internet celebrity?

What Is Shane Dawson Trying To Uncover With Upcoming Mystery Series?

In a couple of tweets recently, Dawson shed some light on his upcoming series of conspiracy videos. Fans are terribly excited for this great mystery project. And it’s only a few days more before we actually experience it. The highly anticipated series is going to have unexpected content. In the same tweet, Shane Dawson added that he was going to change his locks afterwards. And that indicates that he might be uncovering some conspiracy content again which might add the element of danger.

While responding to a fan, Dawson also hinted that some of the series will be out by the end of this month.

The popular YouTuber has been teasing the docuseries on Twitter for quite some time now. He even posted a distorted picture of himself, and captioned it,

Don’t believe everything you s33.

Undoubtedly, it spurred immediate speculation and curiosity surrounding the topic of this new series. Previously, Dawson dropped a few hints which include his longtime boyfriend Ryland Adams editing the documentary. In the footage, you can spot Shane facetiming another YouTuber while there is ambient music in the background. He has also updated his Twitter banner to include images of the Illuminati pyramid which he is also dropping in his tweets by using the triangle and eye emojis.

But well, despite all these clues we don’t have a single direction for the upcoming series. Will it trash another internet celebrity or will it unearth another conspiracy? Let’s wait for January to end now!

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