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Family Guy Teaser Shows Donald Trump in True Misogynist Light

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The Fox animated series Family Guy never ever resists controversy. And it’s back at it again. But this time it has targeted President Donald Trump who is portrayed in a true misogynist light. As the teaser for Sunday’s episode was shared on Twitter by a voice actor, we got to know that the upcoming episode is titled ‘Trump Guy’. What’s worse is that it features an animated version of Trump making inappropriate remarks about her daughter Ivanka’s physical body. Although the clip is a controversy in itself, it might be based on a reason. The US President is popular for previously making questionable comments on his daughters. So, well, the show is playing safe. After all, this is something that President Trump has already admitted!

Donald Trump Makes Inappropriate Remarks about Daughter on Family Guy Teaser

Voice actor Josh Robert Thompson recently shared on Twitter the teaser for the Sunday’s episode of Family Guy. Robert is playing the voice behind Donald Trump. And the small clip features Trump making inappropriate physical comments on his daughter Ivanka Trump as he converses with Meg Griffin in the White House.

The cartoon President stars saying,

Pleased to meet you, Meg. You have a beautiful rack.

But then he clarifies that the rack comment was intended not for her, but for Ivanka. Although the clip is controversial, it does point towards something. Trump actually has a history of talking in an inappropriate manner about his daughters. In 2006, he told ABC that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he would have dated her. And in 1994, when talking to Robin Leach, he speculated what his one year old daughter Tiffany’s breasts might look like as she grows up.

But this is not the only way when Family Guy will portray Trump in a misogynist light. The episode will also feature actual blows between Donald Trump and the new Press Secretary Peter Griffin. But the fight will initiate as the cartoon Trump misbehaves with Meg Griffin. The executive producer for this animated series by FOX defended the show saying that they are only featuring what the President has admitted. And he does have a similar encounter with Meg.

Let’s see what Sunday brings for Family Guy now!

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