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Sia Announces New Album, Feature-Length Musical For 2019

The pop star has given fans something to be excited about in 2019.

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The music industry seems to have a lot of plans for 2019. This Christmas, music artist and singer Sia gave her fans the best gift of all. As a fan tweeted asking her for an update on potential new music, she surprised everyone by responding.

The girl wrote: “Please answer me love. When are we getting new music (like 2019 or later)?”

And in the words of Sia:

This has been long awaited from the Australian pop sensation. Finally, she has revealed plans not only for her next studio album, but also a feature-length musical.

Full-Length Feature Film Directed By Sia

As far as the musical goes, Sia began dipping her toes in the directing department back in August, as noted by Rolling Stone. She teamed up with frequent collaborator Maddie Ziegler to create the film, Music.

Even though this was originally created as a feature film, it’s since been turned into a musical. Reportedly, it features Ziegler as an autistic child, who is cared for by her drug-dealing sister, played by Kate Hudson.

Moreover, according to Rolling Stone, the film focuses on themes of “finding your voice and creating your own family”. We’re looking forward to see how it turns out.

Sia’s Music Background

Backing up a little, Sia has had a pretty successful music journey so far. In a span of 21 years, she has put out eight studio albums. Her latest was a Christmas album gifted to us at the end of 2017.

Ever since Sia burst onto the scene back in the ’90s, she’s been a popular figure on the music scene. After releasing her hit single ‘Chandelier’ a few years ago, Sia has since become one of the biggest pop culture sensations.

Aside from 2017’s holiday album ‘Every day Is Christmas’, Sia hasn’t released a record since 2016’s ‘This Is Acting’. The latter was her seventh studio album, which included the hit singles ‘Cheap Thrills’ and ‘The Greatest’. It’s been close to three years since we last saw a regular studio album from the singer. However, 2019 is about to change this!

Fans have been anticipating a follow-up since quite a while now. As revealed in the Christmas Day Twitter exchange, the singer has announced that the wait will soon be over.

Sia and Her Musical Group LSD

Regardless, Sia hasn’t been that distant from the music scene after all. Since her last album, she has collaborated with American record producer, Diplo, as well as English songwriter, Labrinth, on four separate singles. The singles were made into an EP entitled ‘Mountains’ and released on Nov. 2. The self-made band/group or whatever they are produce music under the name of ‘LSD’, an amusing pun made from their three names.

Formed back in 2018, LSD was named after its three members, Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. Already having released a bunch of singles, the trio’s debut record was scheduled to be released back in November.

However, it’s since been pushed back to an unknown date, with speculation rising that 2019 might be when we finally hear it.

Moreover, it’s not yet clear whether the new album Sia tweeted about is actually the long-awaited record from her new super group or a solo album.

We’re looking forward to these new projects from Sia! Let’s hope she produces some real badass music (and feature film) this year.

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