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YouTube Finally Removes Jake Paul’s Bird Box Video

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Seems like Jake Paul hasn’t really learned from his mistakes. We’ve seen the Paul brothers do some crazy stunts, but this trumps all of those! The movie Bird Box sparked the controversial dangerous Bird Box challenge that makes participants wear blindfolds and do random tasks. Jake Paul, possibly just looking for more views, also took on the challenge and made a video about it. Later, YouTube removed it because it deemed it as a bad influence YouTube’s audience.

What was in the Jake Paul’s Bird Box Challenge Video

The YouTuber drove around with his blindfolds on. The car being driven around just knocked over some trash cans, but it could have done more damage. Then, Jake and his friend George cause public disruption inside a library and a restaurant. And it doesn’t just stop here. Jake Paul walked into actual traffic with the blindfolds on.

It must be noted that the YouTuber still put in disclaimers and warnings in the start of the video and its description. The warning told the audience to not do it themselves. But of course who can monitor what people would do after watching the video?

Jake Paul Has Learnt Nothing

Post Shane Dawson’s “Inside the Mind of Jake Paul” series, it’s quite clear to everyone that the Paul brother didn’t learn anything. People hoped that he would change his impulsive behavior but that doesn’t seem to be the case. He is still excessively promoting his merchandise to his young audience. Furthermore, him partaking in the Bird Box challenge, and doing actual crazy stunts was a bad and dangerous influence on his younger audience.

History of Bird Box Challenge: A Crazy Internet Trend

Bird Box was a Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock that created a lot of memes along with this challenge. The plot line revolves around characters beings forced to wear blindfolds on because there’s a mysterious evil force which will make you want to kill yourself if you stare at it directly. Somehow people on the internet thought it would make an interesting challenge to put your actual life in danger by wearing the blindfolds on and do random tasks.

YouTube Making Important Changes

YouTube still deemed the content of the video dangerous for the audience as it violated community guidelines. The YouTube’s terms of service received an update as well. It said that it would put an age restriction on videos where adults are doing dangerous stunts that younger people shouldn’t do. And it might even completely remove videos where there’s a very high risk of injury or death. Hopefully more changes in YouTube will help make it a once safe place it used to be.
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