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Best Cover of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ Yet; Jimmy Fallon Does It Again

Meghan Trainor, Mumford & Sons, The Roots, Anthony Anderson sing ‘Since U Been Gone’ with Kelly Clarkson in all-star ensemble on Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon has done it again with his weirdly genius ideas of collaborations and some history-making singing. In a recent episode, “Turn It Up”, of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he brought together an all-star ensemble including Mumford & Sons, Rachel Brosnahan, Shaquille O’Neal, Meghan Trainor, John Oliver, Anthony Anderson, and the Roots. Kelly Clarkson led the epic group as they sang a cover of her hit 2004 single ‘Since U Been Gone’.

To the audience’s amusement, all of them tried their best to imitate Kelly Clarkson’s beautiful voice in ‘Since U Been Gone’ while clearly failing. They merrily sang their hearts out as they attempted to hit the song’s high notes. Jimmy Fallon himself took his voice to the highest pitch he could muster. And then he went on to show off some badass air guitar-ing and drumming.

Meanwhile, Shaquille shook his head to the melody while earnestly singing his parts. Oliver mostly screamed the lyrics. As for Brosnahan, she pretty much nailed the high pitch part while half-squealing and half-singing her way into the song.

Nevertheless, it was inevitably the musicians who actually tacked the higher notes at the end. The Roots and Mumford & Sons were deep in the groove as they danced along to all the ‘Since U Been Gone’ lyrics.

However, we have to admit that without Meghan Trainor, the cover would’ve probably been a hot mess. She hit all the proper keys of the song, alongside the queen Kelly Clarkson herself. And they ended up adding some pitch-perfect aesthetics to the video. No wonder Fallon comes up with these creative episodes; they always end up a hoot to watch!

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