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Brad Pitt Unhappy With Angelina Jolie’s Babysitting Choices

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If by this time, you are unaware of all the drama surrounding Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, you must be living under a rock. Probably one of the worst celebrity breakups in Hollywood is still nowhere near approaching an end. Following the divorce, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still striving to fight a raging custody battle. And although the court has granted temporary orders that Pitt can see his children whenever he wants and without supervision, the children still spend most of their time with their mother. Angelina has attempted all possible stunts to make sure that they never reconcile with their dad. But even then, Pitt continually keeps trying. In the latest pictures that surfaced of the children on their shopping spree with their mother, a bodyguard seems to be babysitting them. And needless to say, Pitt does not approve of a guard supervising his children.

Why is Brad Pitt Not Happy with the Babysitting Choice of Angelina Jolie?

It’s probably known by now that Pitt will never be on the same page as his estranged wife. But despite the completion of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce filings, the two just can not refrain from slurring negative comments about each other. For quite some time now, we didn’t hear anything about the custody battle. So, it was assumed that they are finally being sane. But with these recent pictures of the children shopping with their bodyguard, Brad Pitt has something to say.

Apparently, Pitt is very unhappy with the pictures of Jolie’s bodyguard babysitting his children. As he accompanied Shiloh and Vivienne to shopping, their mother Angelina Jolie was nowhere to be seen. A source informed that his children were left for too long with bodyguards or other assistants that Jolie hires has never pleased Brad. Especially, when he never gets to meet them or approve of this staff. The actor is against the idea of strangers spending so much time with his children and influencing them.

Neither Brad nor Angelina have commented on this. But will the actress hit back with another defaming stunt for her ex-husband? Or will she accept that the father might have a point here?

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