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Troubled Times Ahead For Netflix, Competition Threatens Content Crisis

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Just think about it. What do you use Netflix for? What do you watch on it? Is it a show that has formally aired on some other network? Or is it a fresh, exclusive original? In a survey conducted at my own workplace, we discovered that most of the employees at Dankanator where using their Netflix subscription to essentially binge-watch classic sitcoms including Parks and Recreations, The Office and Friends. The data indicated in the local survey does not exactly depart from the several official Jumpshot surveys that have been representing statistics for streaming service viewership for long. While we may question the validity of Jumpshot’s numbers, we can still not deny that Netflix find its major audience for fan favorites that had first aired on other networks.

The Streaming Dilemma

Netflix does not own the streaming rights for a lot of shows available on the service. For instance NBCUniversal owns The Office while Warner media helms Friends. And with these individual networks working on their own streaming services, it is only inevitable that Netflix will have to drop its license soon.

In Reality, How Original Are Netflix Originals?

In recent times Netflix Originals have themselves been a major cause of plight for the streaming service. Netflix itself is just a hosting platform. Independent production companies are the one who actually churn out the shows for the streaming service. Only 2 shows namely Black Mirror and Big Mouth are owned outright by the streamer. Otherwise the rights of every other major content are shared with some outside entity. Obviously independent producers find merits of making their content available on the world’s largest streaming platform. And it is only unlikely that they would certainly transfer the rights to Hulu or Amazon. A large amount of content, for instance shows like Fraiser, have been licensed additionally to streaming services and networks other than Netflix. This means that Netflix does not have to worry about losing the licensing rights of these shows either.

 Netflix Will Soon Have To Lose Licensed Content To Disney

However even with all these safeguards the service finds itself in the position of lack of guarantee later this year. Media companies who have increasingly seen Netflix as a remunerative platform to sell their shows now see it as a competitor. Subsequently it will not come as a shocker if these companies pull their assets to lure subscribers into their own, new services.  Netflix recently signed a $100 million deal to retain its viewership rights for FRIENDS through 2019. But as Disney plans to launch its own service later this year with rights from both 20th Century Fox and Warner Media, it will ideally withdraw main eyeball garners including Grey’s Anatomy and Friends to tempt its own client base. For now, it is a wait and watch situation for Netflix.

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