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Why Don Lemon Isn’t Against Kevin Hart Anymore

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Previously, we heard Don Lemon talk about Kevin Hart on his CNN show on Friday night. But following his emotional outburst, Lemon had multiple conversations with Hart over the weekend. Although they are still not on the same page regarding the treatment of LGBT community, Lemon is giving Hart the benefit of doubt. So, the CNN host is defending Kevin although his apologies do not seem very heartfelt. But what matters is that he still said sorry. After his remarks and jokes including tweets about the LGBT community resurfaced, Hart had to resign from his nomination as the Oscars host. But will he be forgiven with his apology and allowed to come back or not is the real mystery here. A lot of people can not make peace with the way he said sorry. Mostly because he is defending his intent more than regretting it.

What Makes Don Lemon Change His Mind About Kevin Hart?

As people continue to speculate the return of Kevin Hart as the Oscars host, there is one man continually defending his position now. Although previously, Don Lemon had an emotional outburst against Hart on his CNN show, he seems to be coming around. Apparently, the two had some off the record conversations over the weekend. He spoke to Hart about his criticism on the way Kevin expressed himself on The Ellen Show.

Lemon has claimed that he wanted Hart to be honest with him. And that’s why it was majorly an off the record conversation. This segment was followed by Hart’s comments on his “Straight From the Hart” SiriusXM radio show that aired on Laugh Out Loud Radio Channel 96 Monday evening. Hart has issued an apology for his remarks but he has also attempted to defend himself. And probably that makes people reluctant to accept his apology. But Lemon added that although people might not like the way he said it, but he did say that he was sorry.

In fact, apart from defensive, Lemon also got extremely nervous when talking about some of the comedian’s comments. He cleared that Hart definitely had no intention of becoming an ally of the LGBT community. And that’s something Lemon advised Kevin back in his critique on CNN. The CNN host added that we may not like this decision or choice by Kevin Hart. But let’s just face it- it’s his own right.

While discussing people’s stance on Kevin backing out as the Oscars host, Don Lemon urged the public to listen to what Hart had to say. And said that he was not a victim, he just want to be accepted for his merits.

Let’s see if Hart joins Oscars as a host or not!

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