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Kendall Jenner’s Acne Stunt Was Just a Pitiful Marketing Fail

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Kendall Jenner is under fire in the public eye for her marketing stunt in which she promised her fans a life-changing story which seemed like a seriously big deal. But as it turns out, it was just about her acne. This caused the member of the Kardashian clan to receive a lot of backlash and hate, like she did in her 2017 Pepsi commercial. But it was just a marketing stunt gone terribly wrong. So, let’s dissect why and how Kendall Jenner wrong.

Hyping up the Mild Discomforts of Acne

The story was deemed raw and life-changing. Noticeably, by Kendall herself and her mother Kris Jenner.

Now, as a person who has “suffered” the pain caused by acne in terms of social stigma and bullying I can safely say that there are other things in my life that I was bullied for. Acne was rarely a reason. Moreover, there were more complicated problems at hand. Of course a billionaire with a high social status may not be subject to these same problems. But that doesn’t really give her the ticket to hype up acne as a really “difficult story to share”.

But maybe everyone is being too harsh to her? It seems like this was simply a marketing stunt gone wrong.

What’s Got Marketing to Do With This?

In this web based world of today, we bring ourselves to an “Instagirl” era. That’s referring to models who gain popularity due to their strong social media presence. Famous names include Kendall Jenner herself, her sisters Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and the famous Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid. So, these models utilize their social platforms to get sponsorships from major brands and companies. Consequently, most of these products are beauty based. Which is why we can imagine how Kendall Jenner took the sponsorship with Proactiv, a medicine to combat acne and obtain better skin.

The reason why it was so portrayed as something sensitive and hard to talk about it is because that’s how most celebrities are sharing their stories now. Whenever any celebrity battles with mental health, in coming out about their sexual orientation, or telling their #MeToo stories, it’s quite hard for them to do so. But ultimately such stories produce a lot of attention for them.

That’s what Kendall Jenner was hoping to achieve when she called her acne problem as a really difficult problem in her life that she was afraid to discuss with her followers. Maybe she didn’t realize how trivial this problem is perceived by the public. Kendall was just trying to do her job as a member of the “Instagirl” clan, and well, it seems like she didn’t do it quite right.

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