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Shane Dawson Gets Social Star of 2018 Award from People’s Choice Awards

And his response is adorable.

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Shane Dawson really has out did himself in 2018. By giving out in-depth docuseries about controversial figures such as Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, he has redefined what it means to be a content creator on YouTube. He has earned some Streamys last year for this. But he has time and time again told that he doesn’t like attending such events and like this attention to himself. Which explains his hilarious yet adorable response to him receiving the Social Star 2018 Award from People’s Choice Awards.

Recently, he took a break from YouTube to work on some big projects. You can expect something even greater in 2019 from Shane Dawson. He’s set to collaborate on a huge project with Jeffree Star where we’ll see Shane create his own make-up palette. And of course there are major conspiracy videos to expect from him in 2019!

Shane Dawson hilariously captioned his Instagram post, talking about the irony of this award. It’s because as his most true fans would know, Shane rarely gets out of the house to attend social events. He likes to stay home and binge-watch like the rest of us. Nonetheless, he rightfully deserved this award from People’s Choice Awards as it’s an accolade to his amazing work on the social media platform such as YouTube.

Stay tuned to more Shane Dawson news here. We’ll keep you posted.

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