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Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler Stage a Fake Proposal at Golden Globes 2019

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It looks like award show proposals are becoming a real thing. Last year, at the Emmys, director Glenn Weiss proposed to his girlfriend during his acceptance speech. And Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler tried to top that iconic moment by staging a fake proposal at the Golden Globes 2019. While presenting an award, Maya proposed to Amy with an engagement ring. And well, so easily and so successfully they grabbed attention from the ensuing category. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Maybe proposals at award shows should become a tradition because they liven things up. Especially, when you can enjoy them while munching on some ham and cheese sandwiches that Melissa McCarthy might provide! 

Amy Poehler Accepts Maya Rudolph’s Engagement Ring at Golden Globes 2019

Are Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler actually engaged? Well, if you watched the Golden Globes 2019 ceremony, you might know better! While the two Saturday Night Live stars took the up the stage to present the award for Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture, they definitely had something planned for the star-studded event. While brilliantly throwing shade at Glenn’s proposal at Emmys 2018, Maya turned to the crowd and said,

I’am so sorry, I’m so sorry, guys, but I just have to do this.

She then turned to Amy and said that she was the love of her life, and was always there for her. In utter fake shock, Amy questioned her costar what she was doing. And then Maya Rudolph pulled out the engagement ring box, and proposed. But before accepting the proposal right away, Amy questioned if they were stealing light away from the ensuing category. But Rudolph replied saying it was only best screenplay.

Amy Poehler of course could not deny such an engagement offer. She said it was a 1000 times yes, and she couldn’t believe it was happening in front of everyone. But well, the two comedians could not take up the entire Golden Globes 2019 ceremony with their fake proposal. So it had to end. And well, that one was definitely better staged than Glenn’s which some people believe to also be fake!

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